Vera Drew is a transgender comedy force who, until recently, has produced, directed, and written behind the scenes with comedy’s weird wave, alongside stars like Eric Andre, Sacha Baron Cohen and Tim Heidecker. After building up a strong resume on shows like “Who is America?” and flatly insane cult projects like the surreal series “Beef House,” it’s time for Drew’s first feature-length film, “The People’s Joker,” premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Fully unauthorized by DC Comics, the film stars Drew as a failed clown dealing with gender identity, a Gotham City where comedy is illegal, a fascist caped crusader, and some parody versions of other villains you may recognize. Made during the first part of the pandemic and featuring a lo-fi aesthetic and cast members like Heidecker and Sarah Sherman from “Saturday Night Live,” this one looks like the perfect antidote to poisonous online comics fanboy culture. We can’t wait.