The Blue Caftan

The 14th Annual Fort Lauderdale Edition of OUTshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival will take place October 13 to October 23, with an opening night celebration at the NSU Art Museum with the film The Blue Caftan at 7pm.

The Blue Caftan – 118 minutes; In Arabic with English subtitles; Country: Morocco/France/Belgium/Denmark, 2022; Genre: Bisexual, Fiction, Foreign, Gay, Romance

Halim and Mina own a small tailor shop that specializes in gorgeous caftans. Halim is a stubborn proponent of traditional hand-crafted work, but it is time-consuming. So, they decide to hire an assistant, Youssef. The presence of the attractive gay young man arouses long-suppressed feelings in Halim, something that does not go unnoticed by his wife Mina.

This is not the film I thought it was going to be, but rather a film that explores different kinds of love. Romantic Love, Familial Love, and friendship love. The writing and direction of this film is excellent, but kudos to the casting director for casting these three leads: Saleh Bakri plays Halim, Lubna Azabal plays Mina and newcomer Ayoub Missioui plays Youssef. There were times when no words were said, and my heart still skipped a beat. The power that these three actors have on their own and with each other is a movie masterpiece. Watch out for newcomer Ayoub Missioui, as I see big things happening for him in his acting career.

The after party will feature catering by Chef Josie and drinks by Bacardi as well as Belly Dancing entertainment.

The other movies being shown the first week are: Three Headed Beast, Blessed Boys, Unconventional (series), So Damn Easy Going, Lucky, It Runs in the Family, Phea, It Is In Us All, Single, Out (series), You Can Live Forever, In From The Side, God Saves The Queen, Huesera, Shall I compare You to a Summer’s Day?, Where the girls Are: Ladies Shorts Program, Long Live my Happy Head, Where The Men Are: Men’s Shorts Program, Paloma, Like Me, Heartbeast, Will-O-The-Wisp, All Kinds Of Love, The return of Tanya Tucker Featuring Brandi Carlile (Ladies Centerpiece), and All Man: The Story of International Male (Centerpiece) .

On Thursday, October 20 – Outshine present theirs Centerpiece film sponsored by Truist; All Man: The International Male Story at 7pm at Savor Cinema (503 SE 6the St); 83 minutes; In English; Documentary, Gay, Historical

I grew up in a very conservative family and neighborhood in NYC, and before I even realized I was gay, I had an unusual attachment to the International Male Catalogue. I know I am one of tens of thousands of men who lusted after the perfect models in their catalogues. We also thought if we bought their clothing, we would look like their models. I couldn’t wait to get the next catalogue and of course hide it from my family. Year later when I had a family wedding in California I stayed in West Hollywood and imagine my surprise when I happened upon an International male store (I didn’t know they had a brick and mortar); I was like a kid in a candy store.

All Man: The International Male Story journeys across three decades of the International Male catalog’s unlikely but lasting impact on fashion, masculinity, and sexuality in America. Gene Burkard, a once-closeted Midwesterner, and GI found freedom in San Diego, where he transformed men’s fashion into something cosmopolitan, carefree, and trendsetting.

This character-driven documentary crafts a portrait of a band of outsiders who changed the definition of masculinity, the way men would look at themselves and at each other, and how the world would see them. This is their story, a modern-day fairy tale about a dream that really did come true. This is also a story of International Male’s cultural impact on the gay rights movement, and it’s an important reminder that preserving queer cultural is important!

Following the movie there will be a fashion show by Mix, Men’s Designer Clothes and dessert catering by Jay Caplan and an open bar by Bacardi.

After the Centerpiece, the movies are Rex Gildo/The Last Dance, El Houb, The Five Devils (ladies spotlight), Lonesome, Elephant, Nelly & Nadine, #Lookatme, Breaking The Ice, Chrissy Judy, Horseplay, Balabanm Before I change My Mind, Petit Mal, Uyra: The Rising Forest, and the closing film: The Shiny Shrimps Strike Back.

On Sunday, October 23, is the Closing Night Film: The Shiny Shrimps Strike Back at 6pm at Savor Cinema (503 SE 6the St). Runtime 113 minutes; In French, Russian and English with English subtitles; Comedy, Fiction, Foreign, Gay, Musical, Sequel. This is the east coast premiere.

In the sequel to The Shiny Shrimps (Audience Award Winner at OUTshine Fort Lauderdale 2019), the Shrimps Water Polo team are heading to the Gay Games in Tokyo, to honor a teammate who died. But after they miss their connection, they are stranded in homophobic Russia. Thus starts a crazy adventure that finds many of the Shrimps held hostage at a gay conversion camp while the rest of the group plans their comical yet perilous rescue. While uproariously funny, The Shiny Shrimps Strike Back does not shy away from skewering Putin’s Russia in all its homophobic (anti) glory…and that is reason to laugh. Oh and a few great musical numbers are included!

The after party will feature lite bites and open bar by Bacardi as well as the announcements of the Audience Award winners.

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