The Equality Garden Club of Wilton Manors is pleased to announce this year’s two-day outdoor Tropical Plant Fair located in Richardson Park and Nature Preserve, 1937 Wilton Drive.

Due to the increased demand and unprecedented success of last year, the fair this year will include many of the previous vendors and several new ones. 52 booths will include orchids, floral arrangements, Bonsai and Kokodamas and several Florida growing Nurseries including Jesse Durko. For those who love art in the gardens, they have coconut art, Haitian metal art, freestanding sculpture and decorated pots and pottery.

There is a 2-day admission fee of $5 with free parking and shuttle service to two nearby locations. Refreshments including coffee, drinks and food will be available for sale as well as fresh produce from a new local business.

Pat Ellson, Chairperson of the event says: “This year we will continue to have a less crowded event giving vendors more freedom to showcase their products. Every year, Wilton Manors becomes more beautiful with the imagination, creativity, and efforts of our residents. We now have over 200 members of the Garden Club attending presentations each month by growers throughout Florida, including citrus, tropical gingers, bromeliad, hoya and orchid nurseries. Many of these specialists will be at the ATPF to offer plants for sale and advice to care for them.

Richardson Park is a lovely, less groomed Nature Preserve, showcasing and explaining much of what grows naturally with the tidal water of the canals. It does not allow pets to be brought into the park. It is essential that all participants respect the special quality of the park and its inhabitants, at the same time enjoying the tranquility and beauty of this location within the city. This summer the EGC planted almost 600 native orchids in the trees of the park.

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About Equality Garden Club

Equality Garden Club is a 501(c)3, non-profit garden club, based in Wilton Manors, FL.

The club meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the Wilton Manors Hagan Park Community Center, and provides attendees from all over South Florida with knowledgeable speakers to educate the membership. These speakers will often provide samples of their products for purchase.