Unfortunately, Jimmy missed the opportunity to be a part of our annual Spa Edition. However, since Jimmy has been a part of the edition for almost a decade, we decided to appreciate his loyalty and give his beautiful spa the opportunity to be featured.


When I entered J. Cohen’s Day Spa a few weeks ago, the wonderful Clint greeted me. I have known Clint for many years and his aura is always beautiful and very calming, perfect for a spa. After a wonderful hug, he offered me a beverage before the pampering sessions began.

I was then introduced to James Crickman, who has been working at the spa for 3 years now. James asked if I had any problem areas, and I told him I was sure he would find them as they are pretty obvious. He then explained that his usual massages range between a Swedish and Deep Tissue massage (90 Mins – $125) and asked if I was ok with that. Once I said yes, he said if the pressure is ever too hard to please let him know, and the massage began. I found out that James was a nurse for over 2 decades when he decided to switch careers to a Licensed Massage Therapist.

As he started on my body, he quickly found my tense areas and asked if it was OK to massage those areas a little deeper. He explained that I would feel a little more pressure and that it could be a bit sore for a couple of days. James is well trained and gave a great massage. I was so relaxed after the massage, all I wanted to do was lay down. Lucky for me, my next treatment was only a few steps away.

Alex Guio, was my nail technician who was going to pamper me with a 30 minute manicure ($40) followed by a 60 minute Pedicure ($45). Alex has only been working at the spa for a few months, but he fits in beautifully. His demeanor is so relaxed and gentle it is very calming.

Alex explained to me that the steps are the same for both procedures, and they are: Soak in warm water, clip and file nails, soak again, then Alex removes the cuticles, files the nails down some more, administers a scrub, then he takes the scrub off with a hot towel (if you know me, you know how much I love a hot towels), this is followed by buffing or a polish (up to the customer), and then he massages lotion on to you.

For the manicure I was seated at a table, but for the pedicure I was in a massaging pedicure chair. It was very interesting watching Alex perform these procedures as he is a stickler for detail, and you can tell he really enjoys his job. When I mentioned this to him, he said I was right, but that what gives him the most enjoyment is a satisfied customer.

I was then introduced to Drew Hoggions, who escorted me to his area for a fabulous facial that was going to take years off my life. The Anti-Aging facial (60 mins – $99) is a deep cleansing and relaxing facial and is perfectly customized to rebalance and re-energize your skin for an anti-aging and more youthful appearance. It actively increases skin moisture, calms irritations, and minimizes expression lines and wrinkles. After checking my skin and making an evaluation, he proceeded to cleanse and exfoliate using the Spa’s amazing Elemis products.  For the cleansing he used Pro-Collagen Energizing Marine Cleanser, which was followed by the Gentle Rose Exfoliator. Then came the extractions, and then afterwards he cleansed/balanced the skin by applying a “Balancing Lavender Toner.” This was followed by a brief Facial Massage. Drew then applied the Elemis “Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal Cream” under/around the eyes, followed by applying the “Pro-Collagen Marine Moisturizer” to my entire face and neck. Lastly, he applied a light coat of SPF. This facial made my skin glow.

Afterwards, Jimmy invited me to experience his Laser treatment, but I was unavailable due to magazine deadlines. However, I asked him about it so I can report on it. Jimmy’s Laser treatment includes a Photo Facial ($500 on its own) and is only $600 for full facial resurfacing using a diode laser (he uses a Candela Nordlys Frax resurfacing laser). The photo facial recovers brown spots, sun damage, and rosacea, and the Frax resurfacing laser drills holes into the skin instead of completely removing the outer layer of skin. This results in a quicker recovery with less down time. This is great for wrinkles, scars and overall texture of the skin. Jimmy explained to me that most places charge per area, but Jimmy does neck up and the hands are included. The Frax laser is a brand-new technology and is considered the “Gucci” of all lasers.

Cohen’s Day Spa also offers membership deals. The cost to be a member is $99 for nail care; $199 for Massage and Nail Care and $399 for everything they offer. Members receive discounts on all services for the year of their membership.

3045 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

(754) 206-4687