The latest episode of HBO’s post-apocalyptic drama, The Last of Us, has landed – and the gay love story at its core is breaking hearts worldwide.

Unlike the first two installments, which have aligned almost religiously with the storylines in the video game on which it’s based, episode three veers away from main protagonists Joel and Ellie and shifts focus to Bill and Frank. In the TV series, their life together is explored in detail, from the day of the outbreak in 2003 to their last moments together in the present day.

Throughout their years together, the pair confront government officials attempting to break onto their land, slowly build a friendship with Joel and his partner Tess (Anna Torv), and attempt to make it through the barren years by growing strawberries, painting, and playing the piano.

Their demise is not violent or ugly, it is a chosen end for both of them. The scene is collecting praise from fans across the world. Thousands of people are proclaiming the storyline to be a work of art.