According to a new study out of the University of Sydney, both gay men and heterosexual men discriminate against effeminate gay men.

The study conducted by gender and sexuality researcher Ben Gerrard at the university’s School of Psychology found gay and straight men prefer masculine over feminine gay men for a high-status role, an indication feminine gay men may face implicit discrimination in the workplace.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Sex Roles.

Gerrard’s research took the form of auditions for a faux TV campaign promoting tourism in Sydney. The ad aimed to sell Australia abroad, with a spokesman who could be viewed as a “leader” and someone to be “admired” by the audience.

A group of 256 gay and straight men were invited to watch casting videos and identify an actor who could fill the role. Gerrard cast six different men to play both feminine and masculine versions of actors auditioning for the spot.

He found that both groups of viewers preferred the more masculine candidate for the ad. Predictably, both straight men with higher reported “homonegativity” and gay men higher in reported misogyny showed a stronger preference for the “masculine” gay actor over the “feminine” gay actor.