For Black History Month, Happening Out Television Network is celebrating trailblazers of the black LGBTQ+ community throughout the month. Today, we will be talking about the Late queer activist Marsha P. Johnson. She has become immortalized for her icon status and style, but it seems that only a few surviving insiders can describe what Marsha was actually like on an intimate level. In a book called Transfigures — and a new play — author Gary LeGault does just that. LeGault says Johnson was religious and polite and hardly ever drank or cursed. When Johnson hit the bars, she would only have one beer and then go back to Christopher Street, where she panhandled. LeGault’s related play with music, Joseph and Marsha, is playing at Theater for the New City in New York City’s East Village through February 12. In regards to the iconic LGBTQ+ location, actor and singer Tym Moss, who recently appeared on the FayWhat Show, has commented that it’s historic impact has lead to the dance floor being dominated by straight allies in recent years.