The latest COVID Omicron subvariant continues to rapidly spread across the US and is the most genetically transmissible form of the virus to date. As the coronavirus cases are still rising nationally, Care Resource, which recently celebrated 40 years of its services and existence, wants to remind the American public, especially, the LGBTQ+ community of Florida about the importance of the COVID-19 Vaccine and booster. The organization has been dedicated to its mission to improve the health and overall quality of life of our diverse South Florida communities in need.

Over the years, Care Resource has responded to the needs of the community by providing life-changing patient care, while expanding its range of medical specialties, and investing in technology and infrastructure to remain on the cutting edge of community health care. As part of its awareness campaign, Care Resource recently shared a YouTube video to remind people that it is time to get vaccinated if anybody has not received a vaccine or booster in the last 5 months. If you are yet not vaccinated or have missed a vaccine booster, you can self-schedule your next no-cost vaccination at The LGBTQ+ community across South Florida and the USA is still at risk of getting infected by Corona Virus.