Rev Dr. Durrell Watkins, Senior Minister of Sunshine Cathedral, the World’s Largest Progressive Queer Church equated the crucifixion of Jesus to attacks on LGBTQ+ people. He equated the Easter resurrection to justice-love, the concept that actualized can resurrect dehumanized, demonized, or demoralized people to live their lives as their true selves.

During the sermon Rev. Dr. Durrell said, “Jesus touched the untouchable. He loved the unloved. He gave voice to the voiceless. He fed the hungry, and he told outcasts that they mattered.  He saw people who were used to being overlooked. “

Jesus dared to dream out loud about a divine kingdom where the first are last and the last are first and love is the law and the lord of the land.

He was tortured to death then. Even now, people are tortured for being who they are.

Love is being crucified even still today.

People who wish to embrace their true gender identity are under attack.

People who wish to celebrate their loving relationships are under attack.

People who love to share their talent as drag performers are under attack.

People, for who they are and for the love they share are being silenced, erased, and tormented.

When we live in such a world, we must practice resurrection.

Rev Durrell said, “When love is attacked, love louder. Easter says: Love wins! And this is the good news. Amen.”