Fort Lauderdale and other communities across southeast Florida are working to get life back to normal after monumental flooding wreaked havoc on the area, closing transportation hubs, schools, and government offices.

During the peak of Wednesday’s torrential barrages, a month’s worth of rain fell in just one hour. Many of Fort Lauderdale’s streets turned into lakes when rain exceeding 2 feet inundated the coastal city. As floodwaters receded Friday, first responders are still conducting wellness checks and assisting residents in need of shelter. The flooding impacts also prompted Broward County Public Schools Friday to cancel classes for the second consecutive day.

The floods have hampered the LGBTQ+ community of Fort Lauderdale tremendously. Queer News Tonight team had to cancel theThursday’s show as the hosts and the crew could not reach the studio safely due to heavy rain and flood. Many of the Happening Out Television Network staff are suffering due to the flood. The region faced 26 inches of rain in mere 7 hours.

In case, you are wondering where the Governor of Florida is? Whether he is working day and night to help the state’s residents recover from the loss, you are wrong! He’s on a book tour in Ohio.

During a press conference last week, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis was asked if DeSantis had been in touch with him about the flooding. He said, “Governor DeSantis has not yet called, but I’m sure he’s very interested in what’s going on here..”