Miami Beach Pride 2023, which concluded on April 16 will be remembered for many things, including Florida House Rep. Fabián Basabe. The pride started on March 31 featuring many fun and awareness events, from Pride Lights the Night and Pool Party, Queer Art Showcase to dinner, pageant, Movie Night, and a pride parade at Ocean Drive.

While the community and the allies were participating in the event to support togetherness and equity, people were also trying to take unwanted advantage of the event for their political agenda, including Basabe. A group protesting Florida House Rep. Fabián Basabe says he is in for a rude awakening. Basabe was planning to participate in the city’s popular pride festivities last weekend, fresh off his votes to advance legislation that advocates say will stigmatize and dehumanize the LGBTQ+ community as part of a barrage of bigoted bills on the verge of becoming law in Florida.

Accusing Basabe of hypocrisy and backtracking on his pledge to support the gay community, Equality Florida staged a protest outside Basabe’s office to demand his resignation. The group also called on local residents to oppose his participation in the pride events.