MASSIVA research group and the Arts Research Center (CÍA) of the Miguel Hernández University are currently running the exhibition Game[in]g Problems_Queerplay at the L’Escorxador Cultural Centre in Spain. The exhibition is open until May 21. It is a multimedia exhibition to analyze the links between the LGTBIQ+ space and the world of videogames, relating issues such as inclusiveness and sexual diversity with digital playful practices and interactive narratives with experts from the sector and students from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

The exhibition aims to address the complexity of the phenomenon of video games and their ability to transgress their playful function and become a medium with a cultural impact, capable not only of telling complex stories but also of generating knowledge and contributing to education and the improvement of our society.

This is the second edition of the project Game[in]g Problems, which was presented in 2022 in Valencia (Spain) with an exhibition that revolved around the consideration of the video game as a cultural object. That led to the publication of the book Playing Culture (La Posta Publisher). The project lands for the first time in Elche, taking another step toward its objective of disseminating the social, cultural, and educational utility of video games, and collaborating within the framework of activities of the LGTBI+ Festival DIVERSA 2023.