According to a prominent GOP gubernatorial candidate in Kentucky, Kelly Craft, a state with laws restricting the rights of transgender youth, schools would not allow transgender students in the classroom if she becomes governor.

In a telephone town hall held Monday night, the former United Nations ambassador under former president Donald Trump, said, “We will not have transgenders in our school system.”

Chris Hartman, the president of the Fairness Campaign, a Kentucky-based organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of LGBTQ+ people, described Craft’s remarks as desperate and disgusting. The Republican gubernatorial primary is on May 16, with 12 candidates running for the nomination. Kelly will face state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, one of the candidates. Craft’s running mate, state Sen. Max Wise, sponsored a bill earlier this year that restricts the rights of transgender youth as his way to fight “a woke agenda” by Democrats and those who are affirming to people of diverse backgrounds.

In February, Wise attacked a state education policy that requires acknowledging and using a student’s personal pronouns, a gesture of respect that Republicans nationwide have railed against.

Kelly will face off against the current governor, Democrat Andy Beshear, who is running for reelection in the conservative-leaning state.