RuPawl has been lighting up Instagram, wearing replicas of the gowns seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Created by their owner, José Lizárraga, some of the most iconic lewks include Ginger Minj’s Pop Art look from All Stars 6, a stunningly accurate rendering of Maddy Morphosis’s Rain Clowd gown, and Willow Pill’s blue strawberry gown reimagined with blue Kong chew toys.

Now the Doggie Drag queen is launching a collection of clothing and accessories for other fierce canines.  Dubbed Doggie Drag, the line features an array of stunning and flamboyant pieces that capture the essence of drag culture.    From bright feather boas to sparkling sequined dog tags; there’s even a fluffy blonde wig, honey!

Dogs can rule the racetrack in a hot pink and checkered jumpsuit inspired by Mama Ru, or they can sashay away in the Mutha of the Runway gown, an opulent tulle explosion that includes glistening silver embellishments.

“Our collection is about celebrating individuality and self-expression,” founder and CEO of Doggie Drag, José Lizárraga, says. “Four-legged divas deserve the opportunity to express their resplendence, nerve, and talent, and now they can shine as bright as the queens on the show.”  We spoke with him from his home in Boulder, Colorado.

How did you launch the Doggie Drag collection?

We began the process with research, research, research. We scoured archives for some of the most iconic drag lewks out there, from past to present. We want our looks to be recognizably fabulous and drag!

What is the story you are telling through this collection — and how does it fit into the overarching narrative of the brand?

We want to communicate that the artistry of drag is not just for humans, but for pets as well. This initial collection is about setting a tone of making our brand distinguishably drag, and not just doggie clothes. That’s why the themes of this initial collection seem familiar and are influenced by the mainstream themes we see on tv.

What is your favorite piece in the collection?

We are extremely proud of the “Start Your Engines” jumpsuit.  Fans are loving it!  It is made with high quality materials and just looks fabulous.

Which fabrics work best for canines?

Lightweight fabrics with a slight stretch because when it comes to pets, it’s about maximum mobility and comfort.

What colors dominate in the collection?

Hot pink, purples, and shine! You know the colors of glamour!

If you could have one queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race as a guest designer for Doggie Drag, who would you choose?

Goodness. This is a hard question! But Sasha Velour’s style is something we hope to explore sometime soon. She is so unique, yet so glamorous.

Of the RuPaul’s Drag Race lewks from the show that you have recreated for RuPawl, which have been your favorites?

Our recent recreation of Jimbo’s promo lewk for All Stars 8 is definitely up there. Loved playing with the proportions and with our favorite color, pink. We also loved recreating so many lewks of Sasha Colby’s this season. One of our top faves was her “Tie Dye to Die For” lewk which we hand painted.

Why release Doggie Drag now? 

The collection is the next natural progression for the work RuPawl and I have been doing with our lewk recreations on Instagram. We want other pooches to wear doggie drag and feel just as fabulous as our Lil Ru feels. We also look forward to growing the brand and collaborating with other artists who share our belief that drag is love, drag is life, and drag is not a crime.

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