New details have come up in the controversy over the Springfield, Illinois YMCA. 16-year-old Abbigail Wheeler accuses the YMCA of kicking her off the swim team after she complained a man was undressing in the women’s locker room. Candice Clotfelter and Christina Newton said they are the two women who Abbigail Wheeler alleges were men and in the female locker room. They said they were sitting and talking on a bench in the YMCA locker room when Wheeler allegedly entered. Clotfelter said they were sitting in the locker room, already dressed to go for a swim. They used closed-door restrooms for this as they always do. Abbigail then approached them saying they were sitting in the girls’ locker room to which the duo said “Well yeah, we know, we’re two women ready to go swimming.’ Abbigail then disappeared back around the locker; that was their last encounter with her before she started up with the press conferences three months later. Clotfelter and Newton said they have been members of the YMCA for years. They go twice a week to swim and work out and think the YMCA handled it “perfectly.” The YMCA denies any incident of a man undressing in the female locker room.