The US Census Bureau asked the Biden administration last week for permission to test questions about sexual orientation and gender identity for people age 15 and above on its most comprehensive annual survey of life in the country. The statistical agency wants to test the wording, response categories and placement of gender identity and sexual orientation questions on the questionnaires for the American Community Survey (ACS), which collects data from 3.5 million households each year. The ACS covers a wide range of topics, from family life, income, education levels and employment to commuting times, internet access, disabilities and military service. M. V. Lee Badgett, an economics professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst said that the questions will help learn about health, economic, housing and other outcomes that might be worse for the community. The professor said that due to the stigma and discrimination that the community faces, researchers can track changes over time to see if laws and policies are leading to more equality. The Census Bureau already has requested millions of dollars to study how best to ask about sexual orientation and gender identity. The results could provide much better data about the LGBTQ+ population nationwide.