The paranoid style of the “red-pilled” right was on full display after the Kansas City Chiefs upset the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game—and the alpha male “fuck your feelings” crowd began to collectively imagine a Deep State bogeyman everywhere, even among the most macho and violent of team sports. It’s safe to say that Taylor Swift is incredibly popular—perhaps even more popular than you realize. They see Joe Biden who can’t possibly defeat their celebrity, Donald Trump. But they also see the potential for Swift to have a major impact by rallying her army of “Swifties” to register to vote, overall, it is an effort to win the 2024 election. The same thing is to using LGBTQ+ as a ‘scapegoat’ blaming and escaping is an old strategy of leaders, the way Biden is using the NFL and Taylor as plots in the same way they use LGBTQ+ Individuals as a distraction from their failed agendas for the American people. What is more, Swift does indeed have a political motive—and not just because of the recent attacks she has endured. After staying out of the 2016 race, Swift endorsed Biden in 2020. It’s no secret that Biden desperately wants her involved in 2024. Swift is now allied with one of the greatest players currently in the National Football League. The idea that Swift, Kelce, the Chiefs, and the NFL are all part of some Deep State conspiracy is only slightly less plausible than the idea that leveling such an allegation could work politically.