Want a home gym but don’t have the space in your actual home? A garage gym could be the answer. And creating the home gym of your dreams is not as hard as it sounds. There are a few ways to make it the perfect private space to pump iron, put your pedal to the metal and do those squats.

Set a Budget

How much are you willing to spend to build the home gym of your dreams? Do you already have equipment, or will you need to buy some?

Clean up

First, make plans for all the items you have stored in your garage. Is it a one or two car garage? Will you keep other things in there? If you plan to keep some things in your garage besides your gym equipment, plan to house it all on one side to keep things organized.


You’ll want to install special flooring in your garage. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, your dumbbells can damage the floor, so adding protective flooring helps to avoid scuffs and scratches. Second, this muffles the noise of clanky weights and third, it adds comfort to your joints. There are several options for a garage gym conversion, including exercise mats or rubber, PVC, or foam floor tiles. You can go for a roll out floor or interlocking tiles.


It is important to measure your space to make sure your garage can comfortably fit the equipment you want to add to it. You don’t want to be squished into a tight corner on an exercise bike facing a wall. If you are someone who has their exercise equipment spread throughout their home, this is a great motivation to gather it up and put it all in your new gym. You can mix up machines and free weights – whatever gets your blood pumping. Just keep the size of your space in mind. Another helpful hint is to keep heavier items along the sides, so you don’t have to move them too often. 


Because we live in a tropical climate and garages tend to feel damp, you will want to make sure you have good airflow. Ceiling fans, oscillating floor fans or some kind of cooling system can help with this. In addition, if you work out with the garage door open, you can invest in a screen for privacy.


Garages are dark spaces. Make sure you have a plan for lighting, so you don’t trip over your kettlebells.


To keep your gym organized, you will want to make sure there’s storage for all your items. Do your free weights have a stand? How is the flow of your workout stations? A mirror is always important when working out to ensure proper form is being used to avoid injuries and get the results you want.

As you see, the process isn’t difficult as long as you implement a plan. And the convenience of a home gym banishes any excuses to get into the best shape of your life.