The Queer God Squad would like to address the question posed to Queerty editor Jake Myers in his advice column, “Ask Jake.” Queerty, we love you by the way. The inquiry about feeling aroused by religious imagery, including hot priests, is one that may resonate with many individuals navigating their sexuality within the context of faith. Firstly, it’s essential to acknowledge that sexual arousal is a natural and normal human response. However, when it intersects with religious imagery, it can evoke complex emotions and questions about spirituality and desire. From a spiritual perspective, experiencing arousal in the presence of religious figures or symbols may raise questions about one’s relationship with their faith and sexuality. It’s crucial to explore these feelings with compassion and understanding, recognizing that human desires are multifaceted and can coexist with spiritual beliefs. These feelings in the LGBTQ+ faith community can lead to guilt and even shame. Ultimately, whether it’s okay to feel aroused by religious imagery is a personal matter that varies for each individual. What’s important is approaching these feelings with self-awareness, self-compassion, and a willingness to explore and understand oneself more deeply. And to know… you’re ok.