President Joe Biden marked a significant achievement on Wednesday as his administration confirmed its 200th federal judge, surpassing the records of his predecessors. Biden’s focus on diversifying the judiciary has been notable, with nearly a dozen LGBTQ+ judges among his appointees. Magistrate Judge Angela Martinez, a former assistant U.S. attorney, received Senate approval with a 66-28 vote to become a federal judge in the District of Arizona. This confirmation came on the heels of Krissa Lanham’s appointment to the same court, both nominated in March by Senator Kyrsten Sinema, an out bisexual lawmaker. Biden highlighted the diversity of his judicial appointees, noting that 64 percent are women and 62 percent are people of color. He emphasized their qualifications and varied backgrounds, representing a wide spectrum of legal expertise. Speaking about the influence these judges wield, Biden highlighted their role in deciding fundamental rights, including reproductive healthcare, voting rights, workers’ rights, and environmental protections. The milestone reflects Biden’s commitment to a judiciary that mirrors the nation’s diversity and upholds democratic principles of independence, freedom, and liberty. In a recent interview, White House Senior Counsel Phil Brest noted that among the 200 confirmed judges, 11 openly identify as LGBTQ+, matching the number appointed during former President Barack Obama’s eight years in office. Brest also highlighted that Beth Robinson, appointed by the Biden administration, is the first lesbian federal appeals court judge, and Charlotte Sweeney is the first LGBTQ+ woman appointed west of the Mississippi River. Many LGBTQ+ people do not understand the significance of this news. Federal judge appointments are the key civil rights deciders of the future. The Trump overturn of Roe is an example in his appointments to the Supreme Court. But even more important are lifetime appointments to the federal bench. They prevent implementation of laws like Florida no drag, or states anti-LGBTQ legislation. These courts rule on constitutional issues that are evaluated on state laws implemented. This record of diversity federal judge appointments will dramatically affect the LGBTQ+ community for decades to come.