Having firearms in the home can significantly impact the mental health of LGBTQ+ youth, many of whom already live in fear of mass shootings. A new report from the Trevor Project and Everytown for Gun Safety reveals that about 40 percent of LGBTQ+ youth have a firearm in their home. Among those frequently around guns, 43 per cent reported higher rates of seriously considering suicide within the past year, and 13 per cent had higher rates of attempting suicide. The report also highlights that LGBTQ+ young people in the South experience the highest rates of firearm presence in their homes, that is 48 per cent. The findings underscore the urgent need for addressing gun safety and mental health support for LGBTQ+ youth. LGBTQ+ youth are increasingly anxious about the threat of mass shootings, finding themselves surrounded by firearms. The report also reveals that 21 percent of LGBTQ+ young people have been personally impacted by a mass shooting, either directly or through someone they know. Derrick Matthews, director of research science at The Trevor Project, emphasized that Pride Month should be a time for all LGBTQ+ individuals to celebrate their community openly. However, the latest data indicate that amid these celebrations, many LGBTQ+ young people may also harbor concerns about the threat of mass shootings. For LGBTQ+ youth aged 24 and under, support is available through The Trevor Project Lifeline, reachable at (866) 488-7386.