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Bubba’s Country Fair

Scandals in association with Jack Daniels and Bacardi present Bubba’s Fifth Annual Food Truck Country Fair, two days and nights of non-stop, knee...

The Countdown to the Election is On!

With just 3 weeks left until Election Day (Tuesday, November 6); it’s crunch time, family. In the past four years, we in the...

Meet the New Editor

Over the past five years, Hotspots has been on a mission to constantly seek out ways to improve our publication to better serve...

2013 Calendars Have Arrived

Allot of people believe that due to modern technology calendars are a thing of the past, but they would be oh so wrong....

Frenchie Davis Celebrates at Bill’s Anniversary

In 1995, Bill’s Filling Station started out as a small neighborhood bar on Dixie and 13th street and was there for many years before Padgett...

10 Reasons Why You Should Vote By Mail!

Our wonderful Gov. Rick Scott has cut our Early Voting days in half in most counties, so some voting precincts can expect to...