CeevoxFrom her upbringing in New Jersey, Cuban Vocalist, Ceevox has always dreamt of becoming a singer and making her mark in what she does best; Music.


From her upbringing in New Jersey, Cuban Vocalist, Ceevox has always dreamt of becoming a singer and making her mark in what she does best; Music. Little did she know moving to South Florida in 1989 was going to catapult her in to what she loves. Now just 20 years later she has had numerous hits on the dance charts and is one of the most popular dance recording artists.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a singer/recording artist?
      As far back as I can remember. I used to stand in front of the mirror and sing along to the radio pretending I was on stage performing.



 Where was your first public performance?
In my motherís arms at birth.

Who was the first person in the biz to notice you and when was that?
In 1991 a local DJ at a night club I worked at.

What was your first recording?
On my Fisher Price recorder when I was 6.

After your first recording, where
did you first perform it and how was the response from the crowd?

In front of my family in our home and the response was incredible.

 You have worked with a lot of famous DJs and producers. Tell us about who you worked with and your experiences.
I have been blessed in working with many incredibly talented DJs and producers and had the most amazing results with them all. I think my favorite to date is Jimmy D. Robinson, he is so unique, not only with his writing style but he seems to have this inner gift of connecting with other great DJs and producers/remixers to bring us a great worldwide product that all ages enjoy.

You have recorded so many dance singles. What are your top 3 favorites and why?
     ìIn the Nightî is my favorite, and of course one of my older songs, “Music Is My Life” is another favorite. In addition, I love some of the songs I am working on now: ìShelter is Heavenî, ìPlease Don’t Die,î ìAt Midnight,î ìTruly Isî and ìI Got This Feeling.î

When did you start touring and what has been your favorite gig so far?
I started performing in 1996 and my favorite gig was most definitely Logan Presents SuperMartXe in London – SuperSized, and of course my favorite gigs coming up are my performance on the main stage just before Enrique Iglesias for the 2009 Miami Beach Gay Pride, and then right after I am performing again at the Palace bar on 12th and Ocean.
People may not realize that you write songs as well.

When did that start, and what do you like better writing, recording or performing?
I have been writing songs for a while but mostly with my close friend Hector “Sugacane” Arencibia. I love all three, being productive, but more than anything I love the way Jimmy D. Robinson writes, and I love being able to bring them to life with my voice.      

Tell me about your recent radio involvement.
I always wanted to be involved in radio and my good friends DJ Jason Jensen and Alex Ferbeyre (aka DJ Maximus 3000) approached me and gave me that opportunity. Along with our friends Shane and Victor of JustCircuit.com, we were the official broadcast station for the task force during Winter Party and are also transmitting Gay Days in Orlando. Check us out for more info DanceMixAmerica.com.

What do you like to do for fun?

Spend time with my family and friends, but most of all hanging out with my best friend LOLA (my dog). I love helping people who are in need – I give to the homeless, and my great joy is taking care of my mom. Not only spiritually, but guiding her through her sick times. She is my guiding force, my candle that keeps me burning.

What’s ahead for Ceevox?
All the new songs written by Jimmy D. Robinson and each and every one are from one of Jimmy D. Robinson’s books of poetry.
www.atlasbooks.com/jimmyland www.jimmydrobinson.com

Jimmy’s lyrical poems touch my heart in a special place that make me relate to all I have been through in life; I love working with Jimmy and am so glad to be part of the wonderful magnetic energy of making these poems come to life. All the songs are very special because they touch a special place in my heart considering all I have been through to get to this point.


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