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yinon yahel v2415Yinon Yahel, an Israeli born producer, officially began his musical career when he was just 15 years old.


Yinon Yahel, an Israeli born producer, officially began his musical career when he was just 15 years old. While playing in a small rock band with his friends, “Eman” was offered a contract by Hed Artsi records and became the youngest group ever to sign a major record deal in Israel. Since then, his career has risen to new heights and Yinon is now working with some of the biggest names in music all over the world. His credits as a music producer include productions for Ashanti, Donnie Klang and Danity Kane in addition to collaborating alongside Puff Daddy, Seven Aurelius (J-Lo’s producer), David Cabrera (Ricky Martin’s producer), Jim Beanz (Britney Spears’ producer) and Offer Nissim (27th DJ in the World according to DJ Mag 2006) – all before he even hit 30.

Shortly after the arrival of the new millennium, Yinon had become an established producer in Israel and met a talented singer, songwriter and composer, Maya Simantov also known as “Maya”. They had immediate chemistry and started working together on material for an album. Yinon and Maya then teamed up with a well known Israeli DJ, Offer Nissim and together they recorded their debut album entitled Searching. The success of the album led to immediately signing with Grammy Award Winner Peter Rauhofer and Star 69 records.

Yinon’s musical artistry brought about international recognition in 2004/05 upon release of the hit album “First Time” (DJ Offer Nissim ft. Maya) courtesy of Star 69 Records. The album ‘First Time’ received a warm debut on electronic dance charts worldwide including the internationally acclaimed Billboard Charts. Within a short period, three singles from the album made its way up the Billboard Club/Dance Play charts including “First Time” (top 10), “Searching” (top 20) and “That’s The Way I Like It” (top 20).

By the end of 2005, beginning of 2006, Yinon had made an expansion throughout the dance community. In light of his tremendous work and dedication in the studio, Yinon was offered to be part of remix assignments for established artists such as Deborah Cox, Kristine W., Deborah Cooper, Amuka, Suzanne Palmer and more which resulted in hits such as “Easy as Life,”  “Wonder of it All,” “Love you all Over” and “I Want More” topping 1 on the Billboard Dance Charts, as well as “Home” and “Fascinated,” both reaching Top 10.

Continuing to perform as a DJ on a global scale in Miami, Atlanta, Sao Paulo, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Tel Aviv and Paris with many more cities on the horizon, his performance has a very unique touch since Yinon is one of a very few DJs around the globe who play their synthesizer and computer live during a performance. The combination of such live performance and Yinon’s original style are what gives his performances such extraordinary sound.

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