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Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley



“ Be careful who you step on on the way up, you may have to pass them on the way down”.  Unknown


May 28th – June 3rd    
Robert Clayton on the 29th, Hollywood’s Donald Newton of Dale and Donald fame,  Auntie Mame on the 30th,  David Dickson, Dana Douglas, Julie of Miami, Peter B., Maur Montoya, Tim Moragne, Bruce, Frankie Melton, Bobby Milne (Boots), Rev Joe Gallant, John Kopreski,  Claudio Sosa, Johnny’s Andy all week-end, Bob Tingloff, Mark R., Robert Egizio, Bob W., Victor Varela, Tampa’s Rick Vaughn, Denny’s Mike Mulane and  Miller Lite Mike on the 29th.
 In June:  Lee S. Kelly Anderson on the 2nd, Larry, Anthony (Ramrod), Lisa Lafay, Heather Baver, Jim G., Michael H., Mark, Charles Beavin, Andrew Thompson, Daniel Pedroza, Alex Gomez and Tim Schaefer .

We Hear
That Mona’s will be “On The Drive” on Saturday July 11th at the Italian American hall, the annual Poverello benefit in memory of Pizza hut Dave. The huge event has gotten too big to be held at Mona’s so Owner and humanitarian Jerry Schultz has decided to close Mona’s for the entire day and night, losing one of the bar’s busiest days of the year and take it to “The Drive” Doors will open a noon with a $ 15.00 charge for all you can drink and eat provided by Mona’s. The auction will be held at 5 p.m. and any items you wish to donate may be brought to Mona’s but please no clothing or furniture! There will be many celbs on hand and many surprises and raffles so be sure to “Save The Date “Mona’s will re-open on Sunday July 12th at noon. We give a big salute to jerry on his generousity as this is costing him a bundle. “Salute”.

That  Auntie Mame continues her Birthday Parties with a huge party at Smarty Pant s this Saturday night, May 30th starting at around 9 P.M.  Again look for a hot and heavy X-Rated show and all new material from the ageless wonder, everybody’s favorite Auntie !
Fritz Ann and Mark will host the event and do be early as it will be a full house !
That a massage therapist who does wonders with his tools and roaming fingers was asked by a new client for a happy ending and being the pro he is  he said not now but after work maybe !!! The Rio Vista socialite was shocked and not use to being refused so he fired him!
That in another unrelated incident a personal trainer got too personal with a client and gave so much happiness in the ending he was put on full time retainer upsetting the bf of the client and that affair ended  but as they say, one fly closes and another opens !!!
That a handsome hung college professor is better in then bedroom than in  the class room or so say his numerous groupies who will pay anything for a night with the hunk. Go figure !
That  a well endowed, tattoo laded daddy of leather fame is a bit too arrogant for a few of his tricks who have now dumped him and his famed sling ?
That  Beefcakes is doing  a fantastic Sunday Brunch and it’s packed and well worth the cheap price with unlimited Bloody Mary’s and Mimosa’s along with the mouth watering selection of foods and the hunky staff to serve you  and community favorite Vicky Bennett on hand presiding over the bar. Check out Willie’s low slung jeans , they are too hot to handle !!! Milo presides over the bar from 8 Pm till close.
That Johnny’s new pledge night is doing well and we will still report on the new venture by Sean David very soon. Is he going Hollywood?

I’d like to wish all of you wonderful people attending Gay days in Orlando the very best and a safe happy trip and definitely with a “Happy Ending” LOL !!