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Red Ball

The producers of The Red Ball, one of Ft. Lauderdale’s signature dance events and a 100% HIV/AIDS benefit, today announced their headline entertainment performing at this year’s event on Friday, June 19th inside the Florida National Guard Armory from 7 pm to 2 am.

Ultra Nate- Ever since Ultra released the internationally renowned deep house classic, “It’s Over Now” with the esteemed Basement Boys in 1989, which led to her equally eminent debut album, Blue Notes in the Basement (Warner Bros., 1991), Ultra has been a perennial force in dance music, regardless of idiomatic styles. Considering the ephemeral nature of dance/electronic music (e.g. hot today, gone tomorrow), Naté’s endurance attests to her musical acumen. She attributes solid songwriting and being a true artist, as opposed to an anonymous voice, to her longevity. “I’m a songwriter. I’ve written about 95 percent of my material,” Naté explains. “In that music, there’s a very specific personality that comes across, which really transcends the dance-floor moment and becomes a part of people’s lives.” 1991’s Blue Notes in the Basement kicked off Naté’s career as an artist who could deliver albums as opposed to a string of singles. Songs like “Deeper Love” and “Rejoicing” became instant DJ staples. Her follow-up Warner Bros. album, One Woman’s Insanity (1994) also garnered critical praise, thanks to its club smashes, “How Long” “Joy” and “Show Me.” Ultra’s following two albums, Situation Critical (1998)and Stranger Than Fiction (2001) were released on the venerable Strictly Rhythm label, both of which solidified her reputation as an enduring songstress and a platinum selling artist with radio, video and club favorites such as the now-classic “Free,” “Found A Cure”, “Desire”, “Twisted” and “Divine Love.” Contributions to films such as the cult mainstay “Party Girl” (Ultra wrote and performed its title theme) and 54′ (Ultra along with Amber and Jocelyn Enriquez ushered in the soundtrack’s hit single “If You Could Read My Mind”) continue to endear fans around the globe.

When songwriter and vocalist Amuka sings, she transports listeners to another emotional place, as each chord of her voice touches a tender zone in the heart. Her tone is familiar – her words too, as they stir deep down in the soft part of your wounded soul. She makes your heart joyful, makes you shout, as she disperses soothing medicine to make everything alright through lyrics in which she tells the story of a woman whose spirit cannot be broken. They are stories we can all relate to. Amuka’s talent like her stories are authentic – proven time and time again on the world’s stage as a recording artist whose musical efforts traverse their way up Billboard’s dance, rock, international and pop charts. Her powerful voice has been behind several enduring hits of this era. She is now known as the dance diva Amuka and released 2003’s dance anthem “Appreciate Me”, a hit that charted as the # 1 song for the Top 200 Dance Songs of that year. Her second single as dance diva Amuka is the anthem “U Ain’t That Good”, which charted at #3 on Billboard, and appreciated by club crowds globally who relate to Amuka’s heartfelt lyrics. “I get so tired of people staying in bad relationships. I wrote this song to try to send them a message. Don’t stay if the relationship isn’t working,” Amuka says “You don’t have a man unless he’s treatin’ you right.”

The night will also star Superstar DJs Wendy Hunt and Warren luck.
Broward House, the charitable recipient of The Red Ball funds is indebted to its many supporters, two most notably stand out; Tuesdays Angels and their president Chuck Nichols for their financial assistance to aid Broward House clients in the payment of their bills and medications and for their continuation of the purchases of bus passes which aids Broward House clients in getting back and forth to their many important Doctor and medical appointments. The other notable supporter is Slammer Club and their owners MJ and Bob for their sponsorship of the new outreach program “Me Not Meth” which Broward House was able to move from California to Fort Lauderdale after being cut from that states budget. Me Not Meth is the major sponsor of this week’s Red Ball event.

Red Ball 2009 is a 100% HIV/AIDS benefit for Broward House, Broward County’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS community service organization. Tickets are $40 general admission and available online at or through