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Pine-ing For Summer in Fireisland

Pine-ing For Summer in Fireisland

The Fire Island philosophy is simple.  You wake up and fry on the beach all day, with the occasional cruise up and down the beach to scope out the cuties.  In the evening you get glammed up and go to teawhich is a fun dance party. 

The music starts at 5 pm, and on weekends it doesn’t stop until 5 am the next day.  There’s low tea, high tea, middle tea, an underwear party, and a nightclub called Pavilion, where big name DJs like Brett Henrichsen and Junior Vasquez play. 

But Fire Island Pines is more than a party.  There are fabulous restaurants, a gourmet market, Starbucks, cute shops and a gym.  Plus, the beaches are beautiful.  There are no cars allowed on the islandso you really feel like you are in a gay paradise. 

Adam Weaver, who heads the activities on the island, tells us about summer ’09:
Why is 2009 the summer to experience the Pines?   
Flights are cheap this year, so we’re gearing for more boys than ever.

How are you preparing for the extra guests?
We’ve expanded the high tea room to fit more guys.  We’ve also perfected our DJ roster to include all the favorites as well as some hot, new talent. I’ve been scouting the bars of NYC for the best new nightclub performers and I’m counting on a few big name acts to make it to the Pines, too.

Can you give us some of the artists already confirmed?
I’m really excited about the Perry Twins over Ascension weekend. It will be their Fire Island debut!  And of course, Joe Gauthreaux at Bay Dance and Tony Moran at Ascension are going to be fierce. I’m so psyched for the holiday weekend line-ups, but really, we’ve got great talent coming out every night of summer.

When visiting the Pines, what should men include on their itinerary?
Low Tea is a great place to have drinks and dance with your friends. High Tea follows at 8 pm, where the dance party gets a little more wild and crazy. On weekends there are live performances at Blue Whale Restaurant, which is a great place to have dinner or to just hang out at the bar to see the show. Oh, and if you’re here on a Friday, you can’t miss the underwear party. It’s really hot!

What would you advise all gay men pack in their bag for a fun-filled weekend in the Pines?
If you are coming for a day trip all you need is a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and some drinking money.  For a longer trip make sure you bring plenty of cute swimsuits. The daytime look in the Pines is a speedo and designer shades. At night, make sure you have sexy jeans and you may want to pack a hoody for chilly nights.

What does the Pines offer singles that other gay destinations do not?   
P-Town is a great place to relax and Atlantis is a great place to go wild.  At the Pines you get the best of both. You can chill on the beach and hang out with your friends at your beach house. Or you can go downtown, where there’s a party every night. Fire Island is what you make it.

Where is the best place to meet cute guys?
It’s really fun to check out guys on the beach all day, pick your favorites and then make your move at low tea.  You will find yourself meeting so many cool people every night of your vacation.  Guys just seem to be more relaxed here.  I’m not going to mention the “meat rack;” you guys have to find out about that on your own.

Is the Pines suitable for a romantic getaway?
The Pines is definitely a romantic place. It’s a great place to get away from it all and enjoy the quiet beaches and tranquil nature. You can cook dinners at home or go out to excellent restaurants.  And if you are a couple who like’s to have fun, we’ve got plenty of that too.

How can out-of-towners book their Fire Island Pines getaway?
You can find everything from the latest summer entertainment schedule to available houses and hotel rooms at Holiday weekends in the Pines book early, so it’s a good idea to start planning your trip soon.