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Jackhammer is Turning 8!



Fort Lauderdale’s Famous Sunday T Celebrates 8 Years!

We have all heard and said the phrase “time flies” many times, but it seems true when we realize that the Jackhammer Sunday T dance will be celebrating its 8th anniversary this Sunday, August 2nd!
The original Jackhammer was created and built by Chris Burdekin and Russ Johannsen. Admittedly, getting a new concept like a Sunday T Dance off the ground can be a daunting task even for the most experienced bar owners. It was eight years almost to the day that a long time friend and fellow bar owner, Stirling, suggested doing an Everglades (oh the memories) reunion T party. It was such a success they decided to keep building on it every Sunday and in no time the club was booming. News spread fast about the success of the Sunday event and Chris and Russ were getting upwards of 1,500 party people on any given Sunday. Holiday weekends were especially popular as patrons had to get there early to avoid long lineups that could literally last for hours for hours. No one wanted to miss out on the hottest T dance in town!

According to Russ, “The success of Jackhammer T was due to a combination of reasonable drink prices, incredible music by DJ Marc Scott, a man’s bar with a hot and friendly staff, the burger bitch, a toy store, 10 kegs of cold draft beer, loads of free parking and a lot of hot and horny men.”

When the building where the original Jackhammer was sold, Chris and Russ bought another popular club called Steel on Powerline Road in order to keep the Jackhammer T alive. Soon afterwards the club was renamed Steel/Jackhammer.

The popularity of Jackhammer T did not skip a beat as patrons shifted from the original location to the new location. The crowds were eclectic and often included bears, muscle men, twinks, circuit boys and just about everything in between. Everyone enjoyed the welcome feeling that permeated the club that included a very open attitude and a wonderful atmosphere. Chris has this amazing decorating talent that somehow could magically transform the club into something for everyone, no matter what the celebration or theme, and everybody felt welcome.

Russ and Chris have been in the bar business for many years before opening Jackhammer. Russ received a lot of his training at Club Caribbean then went on to work at other clubs such as Cheers, Cathode Ray, Eagle 1, Bill’s Filling Station, Eagle 3 and others. He has also been the 1st runner up to South Florida Drummer as well as winning Mr. Ramrod. Chris started in the bar business as a barback at Eagle 1 and then went on to bartend. He created Sunday theme parties at the Eagle in 1992 by completely changing the look of the bar so much that customers did not know where they were. He then went on to work for the Ramrod, Chainz and eventually Eagle 3.

Not only did Chris bartend, he quickly became the owner’s right hand man and created the expansion of the bar’s dance area and built on its popularity.

For the time being Chris and Russ have recently decided to close their Steel/Jackhammer location and move Jackhammer ‘T’ to Boom on Wilton Drive at the invitation of the owners, Craig and Tim. So far the new location seems to be doing very well and the two clubs are working well together keeping Jackhammer Sunday T alive on the Drive! Russ and Chris would like everyone to know that their hardcore leather benefits will continue with more exciting news coming soon.

You’re Invited!
You and the entire community are invited to come out and celebrate the 8th anniversary of Jackhammer T with your favorite Jackhammer staff, including Stirling, Lee, Diego, Michael and Russ. Join us this Sunday, August 2nd at Boom, where they promise a few big surprises and according to Chris, “This is a party you do not want to miss!” We believe him…  See you there!