In Issue 33

Tell Trinity



The Love Issue:  Lust Marriage, Sex And Not Being Single Forever

Dearest Trinity,


I’m falling in love with someone I continually see in my hometown. But I’ve only ever seen them from a distance. We’ve never talked or even met briefly.

Do you believe in love at first sight?


Yours, Love At First Sight  Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Dearest Love At First Sight,


I believe in love at first bite, not sight! Seeing is not enough! In some way you must take a bite of them, hug them, touch them, hear their voice before you decide that you’re in love with them. But Honey, sample the merchandise before buying it, before deciding to spend the rest of your life dreaming about them. When you find out that it’s your favorite flavor, texture and smell, the flavor you’ve dreamed of your whole life then that’s love, at first bite.


Love, Trinity


Hello Trinity,


After so many bad dates when is it time to just accept that I may be single for the rest of my life!


Sincerely, Giving Up  Wilton Manors, FL


Hello Giving Up,


When is it time? Well, when is it time for a baby to stop trying to stand up or a new driver to stop trying to drive or and athlete to stop trying to accelerate?  Sorry Pumpkin but the answer is never!

Maybe, when you’re on your deathbed, when you can’t feel the excitement of life anymore then and only then can you. take the night off!


Hugs, Trinity


Dearest Trinity,


I just started dating someone really great. This time I promised myself I was going to be the best boyfriend ever. Any ideas for keeping my promise?


Mr. Best Ever  Key West, FL


Dearest Mr. New Declaration,


To keep promises or declarations one has to make a business plan and stick to it.  Even when you fail Sweetie, which you may you must get right back up and stick to it again.  And to keep you on track here



Trinity’s Tough Declarations For Being An Excellent Boyfriend Or Girlfriend


1. COMMITMENT: I promise to NOT date, sleep with or search the internet for anyone other than my b-friend.

2. COMPROMISE: I promise to NOT “throw in the towel” whenever we have a problem.

3. RESILIENCY: I promise to MAKE time, dinner and endless attempts towards making my relationship healthy and lasting.

4. ADVENTURE: I promise to continually try NEW things that will make me a better girlfriend: intellectually, emotionally and sexually.

5. INTRIGUE: I promise to KEEP a little mystery about myself as well as push myself towards being interesting, exciting and fun.

6. ROMANCE: I promise to BE affectionate, charitable and romantic as well as help with the chores.

7. CONTROL: I promise NEVER to be smothering, insecure or controlling.

8. COMMUNICATION: I promise to ALWAYS listen and communicate my feelings yet keep some problems to myself so not to burden the relationship.

9. CHANGE: I promise to change bad habits, work on deep-seated issues and NOT make my mate my therapist.

10. Lastly, RESPONSIBILITY: I promise to: take responsibility for my actions, not blame anyone for being themselves and compromise. till it kills me!