Features 35 Team Sidelines
Features 35 Team Sidelines

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Team Sidelines


Team Sidelines, a group of enthusiastic individuals, have joined together to ride in the 6th annual SMART Ride, a 165 mile bike trek from Miami to Key West for the purpose of raising funds for HIV/AIDS organizations in Florida.


The Smart Ride 6, also known as The Southernmost AIDS/HIV Ride, is a fundraising effort born out of a vision that 100% of what the participants raise could go to charity and could maintain some control over the distribution of their funds. Last year alone The SMART Ride raised almost $600,000 for a number of charitable organizations.


The Ride is not a race, it is a ride. This year’s benefiting agencies include AIDS Help, Inc., Broward House, Compass, Hug Me, The Center for Positive Connections and Metropolitan Charities, Inc.




Members of Team Sidelines have committed to raise over $1,250 each through various fundraising activities in order to participate in this event. The group was formed by Sidelines Sports Bar’s staff, loyal patrons, customers and friends who saw this as another opportunity to give back to the LGBT community. Sidelines will also host a Party for Charity in early November to raise more funds for the group. Details will be forthcoming.


“We are faced with many friends suffering from this awful disease and we wanted to do something together as a team that can help in a fun and real way,” commented Lori Tanner, Team Sidelines’ Captain and a favorite Sidelines bartender.


Thus far, the team consists of the following persons: Evan Linette – Rider #135, Peter Szwez – Rider #136, Lori Tanner – Rider #137, Don Brust – Rider #141, Zack Spitzer – Rider #143, Al Morris – Rider #145, Matt Duncan – Rider # 152, Casey Eischen – Rider #154 and Keith Richard – Rider #156.


To make a pledge to your favorite Team Sidelines’ rider visit www.TheSmartRide.org and search for the participant EITHER by last name OR by NUMBER. The web site will guide you through the pledge process. Please be patient, there are a few steps, but they’re all easy!


Sidelines Sports Bar asks that you join them to make a difference in the lives of your friends, your family and your community!