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Features 35 Trinity

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Tell Trinity – Breaking Up Is Not So Hard To Do


Hey Trinity,


How do I tell someone that I don’t want to date them anymore without hurting their feelings?


Yours, Wanting Out  Wilton Manors, FL


Hey Wanting Out,


It’s nice to be nice but beating around the bush can kill the bush. If it’s the first few dates you can call but after a month you must breakup in person, also never text a breakup, only Satan can do that! Being polite without making anyone wrong works best, for example, “I need time to myself.” Or “I think you’re great but…” And if that doesn’t work be very direct, clear and leave no room for confusion, for example, “I’m not interested. Period!”


Kisses, Trinity


Dear Trinity,

My lover and (I thought) best friend of six years dumped me cold for someone else. I’m falling apart. I used to love life! I know I should be strong but…!

Sincerely, Dumped Hard   Miami, FL


Dear Dumped Hard,

The minute we’re born life becomes a struggle to find food, shelter, love, relationship and a struggle to understand it all. Within a lifetime we are all guaranteed obstacles. In other words Pumpkin, “This too shall make you stronger!” So, find reasons to get over your ex, to get over your depression and to get on with life. And if all else fails become a workaholic, which always helps me forget those no good, cheating monsters!


Hello Trinity,

I just got dumped and I want to die. I put everything into this one. I can’t even get out of bed. Any magic pills or potions?

Yours, Dumped And Dead

Hollywood, FL


Hello Dumped And Dead,

I wish I had some magic pills but Babie I took them all. Now, I must ask, “Do you really have to die for love? Will you even give a damn in two years? And must you take forever to heal?” Just speed up the process with:

Trinity’s Speedy Tips For Getting Over Getting Dumped


1.  If you’re depressed BE DEPRESSED. Don’t hide it but feel it, get into it. Great music and poetry come from depression.

2. Do things that make you LAUGH. Watch TV comedies, funny movies and visit fun friends. Yes life is serious but it’s also very fun.

3. SLEEP! Your emotions are going to Tango for a while so let your dreams do what they do best help you fantasize.

4. Keep busy with PROJECTS, i.e. work, school or volunteering. Sitting around will make you crazy!

5. On a piece of paper, everyday WRITE: “I forgive him. I forgive him. I forgive that bastard!” Forgiveness is healing and besides you’ll forgive him someday anyway.

6. Give your depression TWO WEEKS, no more. That’s enough. Being depressed is unhealthy! And then begin tips 7 thru 10!

7. START DATING right away. Even if you’re not ready just start practicing a little!

8. HAVE SEX! That’s right! And right away! Don’t save yourself. You need to feel sexy, alive and grounded. Even hire someone.  Just this once!

9. Force yourself to GET OVER IT and move on. Be that person people say, “He’s not wasting time feeling sorry for himself!”

10. Lastly, GO AWAY, stay away, move away but don’t cohabitate with or near anyone who dumps you. And get rid of the guns!


With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity hosted “Spiritually Speaking” a weekly radio drama and now performs globally.

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