Features 03 discotekka

Features 03 discotekka

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Tell us about yourself and how you became one of the few in our community with a keen eye for female impersonation?

I was born in Miami, Florida. I am not very open to others, but I am very considerate. I am a very observant person. I like to look for the artistic value in every person and placing it where it belongs.




Tell us about yourself and how you became one of the few in our community with a keen eye for female impersonation?

I was born in Miami, Florida. I am not very open to others, but I am very considerate. I am a very observant person. I like to look for the artistic value in every person and placing it where it belongs. I am in love with detail. When I was 24 I met Gloria Klein who taught me and guided me in everything I know about drag. Going out with her, dressing her, doing her hair and feeling the essence of it all. She also taught me how to escape from behind the curtains and how to express myself and to be outspoken, because that would be my way to success. She taught me that some will hate me, and some will love me for speaking the truth because that would be the way for making myself a statement in this community…and she was right!


What was your favorite bar/nightclub that is no longer open and why?

My favorite bar/nightclub was THE COPA in Ft. Lauderdale because it gathered all of the essence of entertainment value in one complex. They had great music, great DJs and great entertainers, such as Tiffany Ariagus, Nikki Adams, Electra, Gloria Klein, etc. The best of the best, THE COPA had it. Greg Bernard and his staff gave the gay community an excellent value of entertainment for 20 fantastic years.


How did you become involved with “Life’s a Drag” at Voodoo Lounge? Tell me about your experience there.

The Voodoo Lounge had casting calls for their new drag show. Lady Valentina was interested in becoming a cast member and I accompanied her to apply. While waiting, a young woman sat next to me and asked me questions and engaged in conversation, never knowing she was Wendy Tascione, the owner of Voodoo Lounge. She later introduced herself and to my surprise she told me that with my experience and qualifications she would like to offer me the job of Show Director of Life’s a Drag at VooDooo Lounge. I thank her for giving me 9 years of leisure and freedom to experiment and allowing me to run the show as I chose.


How do you feel not being part of what you helped create after 9 years?


I believe that nothing good lasts forever, and every decade you should revamp yourself. It is my honest hope that after 9 successful years they are able to run it successfully for 9 years more. I believe my job was excellent and respected…it’ll be a tough act to follow. My heart now belongs to Discotekka.


Some people don’t know that you are one of the managers at Discotekka. Tell me about your experience there.

I’ve had 3 wonderful years at Discotekka. My experience has been a very rapid, learning one. I feel I was placed in bootcamp for bar managing. But, after 9 years watching and observing at Voodoo Lounge the do’s and don’ts of the bar industry, it helped me create the correct team to guide Discotekka to success. I thank Vegas, Milancita, Alyson, DJ Jarell, DJ Alex Infiniti, DJ CarlosG, DJ MDW, TP, Gina, Sky, all of the bartenders and staff whom I’ve worked with throughout these 3 years. Sorry, I can’t name them all…. Most of all, I thank Joe and Wendy for pouring their trust in my work. I hope to do the same and more for Mekka!


What’s ahead for you?

Retirement. No, I’m kidding! Opening new doors to the underdogs like myself and finding proper placement to raw talent in the entertainment industry! New artistic adventures yet to come!




At what age did you start getting involved in the nightclub scene?

I was 16 years old, when I became involved in the ballroom scene. I walked my first ball for the House of Lords, butch queen vogue, winning the trophy. Going out, practicing, and dressing up in new looks inspired me to start performing as a club kid. I was spotted by Gary Santis and given my first opportunity at the Saint Nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale, which led me later on to bigger and better things.


How did you pick your name?

TP Lords was a name that was given to me by the House of Lords and I felt it was appropriate because it engaged all the qualities of a true entertainer. Total Package Lords!


How does your family react to you performing as a female impersonator?

At first they were a bit reluctant. Being raised in a Christian household this was not acceptable, but my values and visions as an entertainer have proven to my family that this is a creative and artistic outlet that I carry with most professionalism. My brother and sister have been to my shows and often catch a peek on YouTube of the latest ones and the others that they’ve missed. It’s always fun having them around at the club.


How has being on stage performing changed your life?

I wouldn’t be who I am today if I was never on stage. Growing up I was always the quiet one, the one being told what to do and such. The lights and the stage gave me a whole spectrum of my personality that I did not know existed. It has been my complete outlet and freedom!


How did you become involved with Discotekka? Tell me about your experience there.

I have been a member of the “Life’s a Drag” cast of Voodoo Lounge for the past 9 years, where I worked for Danny and Wendy. When Joe and Wendy opened their new Miami club, Discotekka in Downtown Miami, they offered me a spotlight on the stage. Every weekend is a total different experience. We are all like a family [and] I enjoy working there with all my friends. Believe me I wouldn’t drive all the way down from Ft. Lauderdale if I didn’t love it! Can’t wait for many more years to come…


What should South Florida expect from your birthday celebrations?


Something fresh and new, and as usual innovative. That’s my style! We start Friday at Palace, then Sugar, and continue on Saturday [with] the Birthday Bash at Discotekka “The Era of Aquarius”, Sunday at Voodoo Lounge and Tuesday, the grand finale, a huge celebration “Party Monster Theme/90s Club Kid” at IntoxiSkate @ GoldCoast RollerRink.


What’s ahead for you?

I’ve been working on some music, recording here and there. Hopefully a track, and a tour…maybe Rupaul’s Drag Race (Rupaul, are you listening?)…or you know what? Better yet…I’ll have my own talk show, watch out OPRAH or Ellen!