“Nick’s small package was a problem sometimes, like the first time we had sex, to tell you the truth, I didn’t really feel much. I faked the whole thing. I really felt sorry for him, I still loved him though.”


–Jessica Simpson on her ex- husband Nick Lachey




“Nick’s small package was a problem sometimes, like the first time we had sex, to tell you the truth, I didn’t really feel much. I faked the whole thing. I really felt sorry for him, I still loved him though.”


–Jessica Simpson on her ex- husband Nick Lachey

Birthdays – February 4 – 10


beasley1Jasper, Lamberto, Stephanie, Chris Barrett – Patrick Doherty, Jerry, Kate, Bill, Mike Bishop, Robert, Dale Madison, Lisa P., Paul Reker of KY, Shawn, Ray Ray, Brad K., Ray Colburn, Alan Kachin, Augie, Fabulous entertainer Terry Hammond on the 7th, Michael on the 4th, Vince, Larry W. & Derek  Allen.


Very special happy anniversary wishes to former long time residents Tony and Dick (Hollywood Frame Palace) on their 37th on February 9th. My dear friends now reside in the comfy Mount Dora and are very happy there. I wish these two wonderful humanitarians the very, very best of life, love, health and wealth forever.


Congratulations to noted attorney/publisher Norm Kent on his new and most welcome South Florida Gay News. Finally, a serious newspaper dedicated to the South Florida LBGT community. Welcome back, Norm, and wishing you the very best of success with a paper you can finally respect in the morning!

Just Asking


Which long time couple had a three way with a hottie that went south when the trick took the wasted bf to his place while the lover showered, bringing him back home in the late am to his irate lover (now ex)? I call it humped and dumped as the lover did dump him!


Who is madly 24/7 texting his ex-bf bartender, who has moved on to “bigger” and better “things” and for cash. Think a newbie on the Drive.


We hear

beasley2That the Manor’s bartender of note, Sean Patrick with his smoking hot ”niner,” collects so, so many phone numbers from his adoring followers he has installed a basket over his bed that he puts them in for a rainy day. Hey, this is what I hear! Ask him if it’s true! I can’t say I blame them and I want to be in his basket also!


That muscles mean nothing if the “right one” doesn’t function, as a very sexy waiter found out when he took his well known dream guy home and got zip, like no performance, and just rolled over and fell asleep so the waiter had to take things in hand. Remember, be careful what you wish for, you may get it or, in this case, NOT get it!


That Electra is now also appearing back at Smarty Pants during February. Watch the ads as the show is always different from the ones at the Manor, where she has Madam’s Cabaret on Tuesdays and is always sold out, so I recommend making reservations!


That there will be a huge Super Bowl XLIV Party at the Alibi on Sunday the 27th at 6 pm with comp buffet and a raffle for a big screen TV. The game will be shown in the Sports Bar and in the Manchester Room. Be early as always a packed event at the popular establishment.


beasley3That numerous Super Bowl parties are being held at numerous bars, clubs and private pads, but I do doubt you’ll get to watch the game at a private pad as all are having naked entertainment to keep you busy if you’re lucky enough to get an invite. Thanks for the many I have received but unfortunately I am unable to attend any. Maybe next year!


That an extremely hot str8 guy (is there such an animal?) has now moved in with a hot female impersonator who’s blond and hot, hung and gorgeous! Yes, you all know her and her talent for str8 men and on stage.


That the biggest (in more than one way) hunk has a slight problem and has turned to the little blue pill for success between the sheets. Latin, hot and fun, and many fans also. Good luck honey!


beasley4That a very gorgeous football star has been spotted at the Sea Monster on Sundays as he is a fan of not only guys but also of Super DJ Bill Hallquist. He goes unrecognized in the crowds, so please look for him as I have nudes of him that are too hot and can only be seen at under the Sports links a few updates past. He has the hottest ass in the biz, trust me on this one!


That a professor of note is also at adept at love making and has many in his bed to prove it. Guess who?


The world famous Boardwalk will celebrate their 25th anniversary in grand style with a March month long celebration with a spinning gift wheel, so spin away my friends and win, win, win. And don’t forget Beefcake’s for fine food or appetizers that can be served in the Boardwalk also by the excellent staff, including my dear pal Willie the hunk that oversees your delightful cocktails with a flair all his own. Handsome Sydney is on board and many more to give you fine service and food and free admission to Boardwalk with your food.


That socialite and man about the country Howard Glantz (pictured here with hot Hunter of Krave on the Strip. They are doing well, my dears, despite the rumors) will be celebrating Super Bowl Sunday in a $25,000 a night suite at the Palms Resort and Casino as a VIP guest. How does this guy do it? Good luck, honey!


Off The Record


beasley5My sources are working overtime! No, I don’t pay them in cash…OK, guess how?


The latest rumor has the team from the already very successful Manor on the Drive, composed of Paul Hugo, Brett Tannenbaum, Gary Santis and Jason Taminini, supposedly planning to open a 40,000 square foot mega strip complex with a five o’clock license and hunks to die for. It’s being told to my ears that this has been in the works prior to the Manor and is going full steam ahead. Can it be? Well, knowing Paul as I do I have to say nothing he does would surprise me, but this might! That is, if this story is true. But as I last wrote a few weeks ago, nothing is for sure since no one is talking. So, my dears, don’t bet the ranch just yet, but I do promise to have the exclusive on this one, unlike Sean David, who will tell me nothing and Jim and Victor who say nothing. Sean has had ads in this magazine promoting the venture and I will still bet my ass that it is Trixie’s and have heard that very reliably! So listen, go figure and watch for the supposed new sign to go up any day now. By the way, there is another place on Dixie Highway named Johnny’s, but a white background on the sign and not Sean’s signature silver, which he is well known for and has been very complimented on by some pillars of the community. I ask where are the guys coming from? I would guess, well I won’t even do that. I hear in the other two a swimming pool with bar in the center of one will be a feature and also a hot visual locker room – that is the rumor about the Boardwalk, which  I hear is to be named Boardwalk Planet or ? Again, please don’t shoot the messenger, as I know for fact nothing but what is going around the gossip mill, and that is my business! Enough!


Please get out and find a wide receiver or a player of any kind – be sure to wear your football sweat shirt and cap and put a helmet on your piece or someone else’s before you give or take!


Cheers!  Mrs. Beasley


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