drwilliamcheatham0Sitting down with Doctor William Cheatham was exciting from the onset; not only because he is a very intelligent man, but because he is a ball of energy, especially when he is talking about his patients and testosterone therapy. Dr. Cheatham is a member of the

Sitting down with Doctor William Cheatham was exciting from the onset; not only because he is a very intelligent man, but because he is a ball of energy, especially when he is talking about his patients and testosterone therapy. Dr. Cheatham is a member of the American Medical Association, the American Osteopathic Association, the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association and is Board Certified in Family Medicine. He went into medicine because he really likes helping people inherently. He is very passionate about his patients and he is very proud of the fact that he treats all his patients with dignity and respect and I was very proud to be able to interview such a dedicated and accomplished man in our continuing series, “To Your Health.”

Where are you from and where did you attend medical school?

I was born in Virginia, but I grew up in and went to high school in West Palm Beach. I attended Nova Southeastern University and graduated in 1998. I completed my residency at Wellington Regional Medical Center, Columbia Hospital and Saint Mary’s Hospital – among other South Florida medical centers. I then worked for a medical group in Lake Worth for 6 years before opening my own practice 9 years ago in Pompano Beach.

drwilliamcheatham2What kind of doctor are you?

I am a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and primarily have a family medical practice.  I treat all conditions from diabetes to cancer to high blood pressure and heart disease and everything in between. Testosterone therapy is what I am particularly passionate about.
What age range do you treat?

I treat patients of all ages.  My clientele ranges from 4 years-old to 84 years-old, but my primary demographics are 18-54 years of age with an even male/female split.  In addition, my practice is open to anyone seeking high quality medical care.  We certainly do not discriminate against anyone seeking our services.

Why are you such an advocate of testosterone therapy?

Well firstly I am on testosterone therapy myself and it has changed my life. Testosterone therapy administered correctly is life-changing.  It has rejuvenating qualities and helps men to feel and function as they did when they were 25 years-old.  It does require proper medical management and must be done in a safe and effective way.  There are many doctors who prescribe patients gels, patches and injections, but do not manage their treatment properly.

What are the misconceptions about testosterone therapy?

People confuse it with steroids that many bodybuilders have used and abused in the past.  Well-managed testosterone therapy does not cause heart attacks, strokes, testicular atrophy or lead to prostate cancer as many might fear.  It also does not lead to aggression, baldness or acne if managed properly.  Bodybuilders inject in a day what our patients typically inject in a week.

What are some of the benefits someone will get from testosterone therapy?

They will have increased energy and muscle mass, while decreasing body fat. It is cardio protective and helps reduce the risk of developing a stroke. It decreases blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It elevates your mood, reduces anxiety and is a natural anti-depressant.  It also has the added benefit of dramatically increasing one’s sexual desire, arousal and performance.  Most patients prefer testosterone’s sexual enhancement qualities to Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

Testosterone therapy seems like it would be expensive and an uncomfortable thing to talk to a doctor about. How do you get your patients to feel comfortable?

Actually, treatment is quite affordable.  Testosterone therapy is only $365.00 for 3 to 4 months of treatment – which is less than $30.00 per week. In addition, I have an exclusive relationship with local laboratories for easy and efficient management of blood work. In terms of comfort, I immediately explain to my patients that I am on testosterone myself.  I can personally attest to all of the benefits that I’ve experienced. That seems to put them immediately at ease.  I do my best to make my patients feel as comfortable as possible.    
Tell me about your staff.

Well I call them Will’s Angels as I have 4 girls that work here and they truly are angels. Holly is my office manager and she has been with me for 5 years; Ruby has been here for over a year and she’s our nurse, Rosie has been working here for over 2 years and she does all the billing and Kathleen recently started and she is our medical receptionist. In addition, Dr. Michael Cristiano, a very talented clinical psychologist, works out of my office treating the psychological aspects of health care.
What kind of insurance do you take?

We accept virtually all insurances, HMOs, PPOs, etc.  We offer reduced rates for patients who do not have insurance coverage.  We are very affordable and try to work with our patients.  We pride ourselves on not having a price increase in over 8 years.

In your opinion, what’s the next big thing in medicine?

I think we are on the cusp of testosterone therapy exploding.  The medical community is just beginning to realize how critical normal testosterone levels are for a man’s overall well-being and optimal health.  Testosterone therapy is very cutting edge.

To find out more about Dr. Cheatham visit his website at DrCheatham.com