johnnys30yearanniversary0It’s a rare thing when a business celebrates a 30 year anniversary and a rarer thing when it’s a nightclub. Johnny’s will reach that landmark on September 30th with a huge, weekend long blowout.





It’s a rare thing when a business celebrates a 30 year anniversary and a rarer thing when it’s a nightclub. Johnny’s will reach that landmark on September 30th with a huge, weekend long blowout.


johnnyscelebrates30years2Johnny’s wasn’t always a popular dancer bar on Broward Boulevard. Originally owned by John Moses, Johnny’s opened in 1980 as a beer and wine bar on SW 2nd Street and 3rd Ave. (where Dicey Riley’s is now) in Fort Lauderdale. There were a few pool tables for entertainment. A few years in, dancers became popular at competing bars, so in order to stay relevant, Moses hired some eye candy to shake it for his patrons.


The bar remained successful at its location, but in 1993 the lease ran out and Moses moved Johnny’s to its current home at 1116 W. Broward Boulevard. They expanded their menu from just beer and wine to include liquor. When other bars stopped using dancers, Johnny’s kept up with the trend and has been known as the place to find the cutest twinks.


Moses sold the bar to Sean David in March 2008. The two became friends and Moses stops by every so often. Moses has also stayed in touch with Al “Uncle Al” Gibson, who was his general manager for many years and continues to work at Johnny’s.


The nightlife business wasn’t new to David. He was a partial owner of the Boardwalk for three years in the early 2000s and years before that, a dancer at the old location of Boardwalk in Sunny Isles. He also has experience bartending, deejaying and managing. He was a loyal customer of Johnny’s for 12 years and jumped at the chance to own it.


johnnyscelebrates30years3“Johnny’s is an icon,” David said.


David said he always had his eye on the establishment. When he was looking into buying it, he felt good energy.


“When I walked in, I felt like there is fire under the ground, that with the right remodeling and promotions and management- the right team- I could create a bar that’s a success,” he explained.

He bought the bar and then went to work remodeling it. He opened it up more, created more space, more VIP rooms and updated the sound system. He also worked on hiring new dancers.

David made sure that Johnny’s kept true to its twink roots, but he also hired more masculine, hairy and taller dancers as well.


“Pretty much if you come to Johnny’s we will have a flavor for you,” he said.


David makes sure that the dancers are trained in customer service.


“We are the only bar in the country to train our dancers on how to approach customers, what to say, what not to say. We train them in every detail, from the minute they say hello to the minute you walk away,” he said.


David said that it is the whole staff that makes Johnny’s a success.


“From me to the managers to the bartenders to the people working in security and, of course, the dancers,” he said. “I make sure everyone is happy and motivated and wants to work here.”

He said that his employees show exceptional loyalty and have been there through the good and difficult times.


His great team includes A.J. Cross and Uncle Al.


“I am fortunate to have them work with me,” he said. “They both work here like it’s their own club.”


He also thinks the bar concept is winning. On one side, there is a quieter lounge to have a cocktail and hang out and have a bite to eat and on the other side there are a variety of hot dancers. Their theme nights are also a big draw.


David said that business more than tripled in the first year and continued doing well. His ultimate goal is to be known as the main male dancer bar in South Florida and to be known in the entire United States as the best male dancer bar.


The 30th anniversary party will take place the last weekend in September and will last for several days. The Tuesday before, David is having a closed party for all of his employees and dancers – there will be dinner, giveaways and prizes. The public can join in the celebration September 30th. C1R exclusive Brent Everett will make an appearance and there will be three announced times for top shelf open bar, hors d’oeuvres and lots of giveaways of DVDs, CDs and t-shirts. And to top it all off- there will be 40 or 50 dancers performing!


David said that he considers it a huge honor to own Johnny’s.


“I took an icon and it’s up to me to keep it up there,” he said. “I always tell John Moses that those are big shoes to fill.”


David also really appreciates all of his loyal customers who have stuck by Johnny’s and remained loyal through the years. He invites new customers to come in to Johnny’s and to say hello.


“We are always happy to meet new people and show what Johnny’s is all about,” he said.