beat-box-spring-music-0Spring is in the air and with it comes love, flowers, and colorful new beats. Here are some of the best new dance tracks springing life into gay clubs this season.


Springing into Clubs

Spring is in the air and with it comes love, flowers, and colorful new beats. Here are some of the best new dance tracks springing life into gay clubs this season.

beat-box-spring-music-2“World’s Away”

Aiden Leslie (featuring Farrah Burns)

After a two-year hiatus from music, hip-pop artist Aiden Leslie returns to clubs with a slick groove track that examines human struggle and its aftermath. Its sexy vibe, catchy hook and gangsta rap rhymes, courtesy of Farrah Burns, may be the beginning of a new movement in dance uniting rap with groove. It has certainly resonated with club fans, who have kept the single on the top ten charts at and the gay channel Logo for three weeks in a row.

beat-box-spring-music-3“Mr. Romeo”

Emii (featuring Snoop Dogg)

With her potent blend of pop, rock and dance, Emii is launching a sound all her own. Last summer’s “Magic” is still playing strong on the nation’s gay dance floors, but its her latest track featuring party rapper Snoop Dogg that might just propel Emii to superstar levels. “Mr. Romeo” is high powered dance romp with playful lyrics that flip the idea of what it means to find Mr. Right. According to the song, romance is not about landing the guy. It’s about taking off, flying high, and enjoying the ride. Most gay clubbers will take Emii’s message to heart.

beat-box-spring-music-4“Gave Up on Love”


Working to shed the school girl image she is known for from Bravo-TV’s “NYC Prep”, Kelli’s very grown-up “Gave Up on Love” shines the light on the erotic intensity of young romance. Its sassy lyrics (“Staring at the stupid phone, dying for him to call”), thumping beats by remixing greats like Michael Grant, Tony Moran and Warren Rigg, and soaring vocals have made the track a dance floor staple, especially at twink parties.

beat-box-spring-music-5“It Doesn’t Matter”

Ron Perkov

Since collaborating with Victor Calderone on his first smash “Dance with Me, Take Me Higher”, Ron Perkov has made a habit of aligning his beats with DJ royalty. His sophomore track, “Miss You”, was a Tony Moran production. His latest includes remixes from three current faves: Mike Cruz, Mickey Friedman and Twisted Dee. “It Doesn’t Matter” is more than a hands-in-the-air dance romp. It speaks against racial and sexual discrimination and urges listeners to appreciate differences and celebrate diversity – all while dancing your ass off, of course.


Kristine W

There is a reason Billboard Magazine named Kristine W one of the top three dance artists of the decade, behind Beyonce and Madonna. She has had fifteen number one Billboard dance hits and is tied with Mariah Carey for most consecutive number one club play hits. Her latest dance album, The Power of Music, yielded six consecutive Billboard #1s. She shoots for lucky #7 with the release of “Fade”, her seventh and final release from the album. It is just what you would expect from Miss W – another hard stomping dance anthem, guaranteed to get dance floors shaking. The maxi single includes productions by Buzz Junkies, Johnny Vicious, Royaal, Alex Acosta, Subgroover, and DJ Chico.