summer-style-2011-0Are you looking to update your look this season? Here are some spring/summer trends that were featured heavily on the runways.


Keep Cool With These Hot Fashion Tips

Are you looking to update your look this season? Here are some spring/summer trends that were featured heavily on the runways.




People have a tendency to wear more white in the summertime, but not this year. Prepare to sweat even more than usual this season because its all about the color black. Keep it cool by wearing light, breathable fabrics.

Flaring Out

Don’t throw out those skinny jeans yet — they are still in fashion. However, if you want to be completely on trend, then its all about the flare when it comes to pants. Get visions of bell bottoms out of your head — the flared trousers trend is more subtle than that — they’re just a tad wider than boot cut.


Adding some floral touches to a shirt or an accessory like a watch is very modern. The unexpected splash of color will definitely garner attention and will add a touch of whimsy to your look.

Get the blues

Don’t feel blue this summer, but feel free to add some blue color to your wardrobe! All shades of blue – especially navy – were big on runways for this season. Finally, every man’s favorite color gets the respect it deserves.summer-style-2011-4


Chambray continues to be a hot material this summer. The trend started in the fall and its popularity hasn’t waned a bit. The light denim-looking fabric looks great with khaki and has a great, laidback feel to it.


Yes, linen is known to wrinkle like crazy, but it is a great fabric to wear in superhot weather. Add some linen pieces for a chic, summery look (just make sure to wear it when you will be mostly standing and not moving around too much to ward off the wrinkle-effects).

Be Transparsummer-style-2011-5ent

See-through fabrics don’t have to be tacky. Thin, almost sheer t-shirts are very in style this season. Just make sure your body is ready to be seen, because this fabric will not hide a thing!summer-style-2011-6


Oversized Sunglasses

Thick frames and oversize sunglasses are going to be big this summer. This retro-style trend doesn’t just look hip, it also protects the skin around your eyes from sun damage. Ward off crow’s feet and look good while doing it.


These light comfy shoes make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation when you wear them. Add some to your summer wardrobe to add a casual touch.

summer-style-2011-8Leather strapped sandals

Get your feet ready for some exposure! Leather strapped sandals are very in. Make sure you are ready to show those toes because the sandals won’t look good unless your feet are in good shape.


Update your manbag (or murse, depends which you prefer) with a backpack. Smaller canvas backpacks are trendy for lugging around your wallet and other needs this season.

Adding any of these trends to your style will keep you looking cool this hot season! Try mixing and matching a few of these trends together for a real head-turning look.