Georgie’s Alibi did it again! For the second year in a row, the popular bar/restaurant took the prize for Best Burger at Riverwalk Trust’s Burger Battle on May 13. The annual competition took place on Las Olas Boulevard and Alibi was one of 15 restaurants competiting for the title. A staff of nine, including Alibi’s Chef Ron Kerr and general manager Vincent Frato, cooked and served 800 burgers that day along with a Jack Daniels shakes.

The burger itself is made of  ground chuck specifically made for Alibi.

“The grind on the fat is good – not too big, not too small,” Chef Ron Kerr explained. “Our  meat to bread ratio is just right.”

The winning burger was topped with roasted garlic aioli, aged cheddar jalapeno cream cheese, carmelized onion and bacon jam served up on challah bread. It was served alongside a milkshake made of honey wheat Jack Daniels, Kahlua, and homemade crème anglais topped with chocolate covered bacon.

The Burger Battle is a serious competition which draws serious competitiors. Alibi beat out big names like The Capital Grille, Big City Tavern and Morton’s Steakhouse, among other well-known restaurants.

But the combination of the toppings, beef and challah bun couldn’t be beat.

“The texture, flavor and heat kick tantalize your taste buds,” Frato said.

Frato said that since hiring Chef Ron, the food has become a bigger draw at Alibi.

“We were looking for someone who could bring bar food to the next level and to create a catering company—someone capable of both,” he said.

“He’s a culinary chameleon,” he continued. “He can cook a kickass burger and make incredible comfort food yet create some of the most edgy high-end catering items.”

Since Chef Ron revamped the menu and with these two important Burger Battle wins, Alibi has become a very popular dining destination.

“Now people come in for food and stay for a drink,” Frato said.

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