Matty’s on the Drive announced that their 4 year anniversary headliner will be the lead singer and song writer Lady Kier from the hit 90’s group Deee-Lite on Saturday August 25th, where DJ Lady Kier will spin the night away and Sunday, August 26th, Lady Kier and her band…


Matty’s on the Drive announced that their 4 year anniversary headliner will be the lead singer and song writer Lady Kier from the hit 90’s group Deee-Lite on Saturday August 25th, where DJ Lady Kier will spin the night away and Sunday, August 26th, Lady Kier and her band will do a 30 minute Deee-Lite Tribute live on Stage during their weekend long anniversary partyDeee-Lite was an American house and club/dance group, formed in New York City.  The group’s best-known single was “Groove Is in the Heart“, from their 1990 debut albumWorld Clique. However, Deee-Lite achieved longer lasting success on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, where they scored six number-one hits.

Situated in the heart of Wilton Manors and exemplifying that happily beating heart, Matty’s on the Drive is known and loved for its friendly atmosphere, and winner of Best Gay Bar for 2012 by Broward-Palm Beach New Times.  A favorite happy-hour spot, the bar serves two-for-one drinks daily until 9 p.m.  Each night offers different specials on drinks and tasty menu items, Wild Wednesdays is Matty’s claim to fame. To ensure that everyone makes it completely over the hump, 75-cent drinks are offered until the wee hours of Thursday morning.  More important, what is offered every day is an environment where you can relax.  Pop in to enjoy a martini, shoot a game of pool, dance the night away, or watch Glee.

v2734 08Matty’s on the Drive kicks off its four year anniversary weekend on Thursday, August 23rd, and Friday August 24th, at 9pm with a Money Machine sponsored by Skyy Vodka filled with over One Thousand Dollars in cash and prizes for the taking.  On Saturday, August 25th at 9PM DJ Lady Kier takes the outdoor stage to get everyone celebrating and dancing the night away as she spins the decks.  On Sunday join them for the 30 minute Deee-Lite Tribute sponsored by Miller Light Brewing Company and Village Pub-Wilton Manors starting at 6pm.  Lady Kier and her band will play tribute to Deee-Lite’s hits such as “Groove is in the Heart”, “Power of Love”, “Call Me” and many more taking us all back to the 90’s.


1)      You started Deee-lite with Supa DJ Dmitry in 1986. How did this come about?

We were friends for 5 years and he kept starting bands and then they would break up leaving him frustrated, so one day when he was in between bands we tried some psychedelics and I sang for the first time. The next day, Dmitry told me that I had a memorable voice and that we should form a band. I thought of the name Deee-Lite and we began writing songs as a hobby. 1 year later he said “it’s time to take this onto the stage.” I panicked with stage fright, as writing songs was just a  distraction  for me  from my failing career as a fashion designer, however, once I hit the stage and heard the applause…I kept it up  and began to think of it as a way to get attention to my textile designs and costumes.

2)      In the early years, you did all the fashion for Deee-Lite. How did this start and do you still design?

Yes. I always designed my costumes and the band members costumes as well as art directed the albums, singles, posters, etc. I had studied design for years before I ever wrote a song. If I didn’t design it- I hired the designer and for a short time was adopted by Manfred Mugler who generously decked out the entire band for a hot minute. Dmitry was always a flashy dresser from the first day I met him …so it was easy making clothes for a ham.

3)      Who was the first person in the biz to notice you and when was that?

A writer for Billboard magazine’s dance column, who brought us to a record label and after we paid him a huge fee we asked him to manage us…big mistake. The relationship died within months and it was one of the reasons our band split up.

4)      How did it feel the first time you heard your song on the radio?

I was in my apt. and heard the windows rattling because a jeep was cranking “What is Love” so loud. It dawned on me that the song was ours and it was on the radio. I think I started jumping up and down with joy.

5)      When did you start touring and what has been your favorite gig so far?

We started playing live in 1987 and I never stopped until I quit the band in 1994.  I put a new band together in 1996 to show Warner Brothers my new act but they never came to the concert. I then asked to be released from the contract as the president of the label had never been a fan of our music regardless of our success. He told us it was too black and too gay. After being held under contract for another 6 years, they finally released me when I shaved half of my hair off and wore pinky makeup. It was a trick but it worked. In 2005, I began testing out new material            (demos) and got my butt on stage again after years of writing and producing and I toured the world, however I never had an album to sell as the music wasn’t mixed down yet. I need audience feedback in order to be inspired – I suppose that’s an old fashioned way but it’s what motivates me. 

I am taking a detour to sing this new Deee-Lite tribute because I’m recording a new Deee-Lite album with Dmitry and Ani, which will hopefully be released this year along with my own solo music. The industry is a bitch right now as it’s re-inventing itself, which slows down all the releases due to downloading music for free. Few people know how to survive in the game without selling their soul to a major label, which I’m not prepared to do again. 

v2734 106)      Who were your inspirations/mentors in the music industry?

My mentors are Junie Morrison and Jerome Rodgers (p-funk). My inspirations are Stevie Wonder, Stephanie Mills, Ruby Johnson, P-funk, Todd Terry, Juan Atkins, Jomanda, Sly Stone, Crown Heights Affair, Talking Heads, The Specials, The Slits, Sylvestor, Meisel Brothers, brothers Johnson, Blowfly, Jungle Brothers, Pharcyde, Gang of Four, Lone, Siriusimo, A Guy Called Gerald, 4 Hero, Cleveland Watkis, Eddie Jefferson, King Pleasure, Lee Scratch Perry, and on and on until the break of Dawn Silva.

7)      You are currently producing the new Deee-Lite album, how is that going and when can we expect to hear it?

I’ve recorded 6 songs so far and am in the process of writing the rest, so stay tuned in the near future.

8)      You are also producing 4 other albums of various genres. How is this process going and how does producing compare to performing?

I love to write, record, produce and spend most of my days doing that when I am not deejaying or performing. I have a vast amount of material, however, I’m understaffed which has slowed down the entire process of releasing it the way it needs to be released which is with some promotion and a loyal staff, and  salaries for the band members, etc…  So I love it and hate it both as I have the ideas but not the funds. I love the stage but these days very few establishments can afford to pay for the band, so they pick me up as a DJ instead. I’m grateful for Matty’s on the drive for giving me this opportunity to perform while I’m polishing up the act and putting final touches on these trax. 

For more information call them at 954-376-8388 or go to MattysOTD.com.  Matty’s on the drive is located at 2426 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors.