Dishing-bannerThe huge Award Winning Broadway hit musical, “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” is at the Straz Performing Arts Center in downtown Tampa thru April 14th. This is the gayest of …

Dishing-bannerPLAY: “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert ”  Coming To Tampa

The huge Award Winning Broadway hit musical, “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” is at the Straz Performing Arts Center in downtown Tampa thru April 14th. This is the gayest of musical comedies. Three traveling Aussie Drag Queens take a ‘pink motor home’ venture to tour and perform in the outback in Australia. Tickets are on Sale. Don’t miss this Award Winning comedic adventurous gay musical!

“Easter Eggs” Fierce Competition at Bradley’s

Over twenty contestants entered to win bragging rights of Bradley’s on 7th Annual Easter Egg Competition. With great creative minds the magical eggs transformed into advertising themes, bizarre creatures, funny bunnies and TEACUP? Yes, there was a profile composed by local bartender and artist Peter B. Winners of this year’s challenge were 1st Place Chou Chou Guilder, 2nd Place Enrique Hernandez and 3rd Place to Miss Alexis Mae Perry.

Until next year….Egg ya!

You Can Not Make This Up-Bridezilla

One night at a famous local festive restaurant, there were 2 big bridal dinner parties going on and the two groups were seated next to each other. The Mother of the bride, at one table, was making quite the drunken scene. The food came and everybody was happy having a great time when the Mother of the bride stood up to toast her daughter. With no warning she started to throw up on the table. She put her hand over her face and it was just like putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose; she sprayed everywhere! The servers quickly rushed in to start cleaning her up. Bridezilla announced everybody was leaving. The server Mr. A. handed her the check and she went ballistic and didn’t want to pay for anything! In a straight face Mr. A said, “I didn’t just throw up on your food & guests. Why should I as your server have to pay for everything?”

The manager took care of the whole check including the drinks. Bridezilla stormed out & of course left no tip. Just then the other Bridal party who had seen everything said…… “I guess they are not going to eat those cup cakes they left.”  They actually picked up the cup cakes from the back of the thrown up table and ate them! You just cannot make this up! 

GaYBOR Member of the Week – Melanie Minyon

One of the most respected performers in Tampa Bay is Miss Melanie Minyon. Melanie always has a smile on her face and a good joke to tell. But be careful…she had been around almost as long as Mark & Carrie. The big difference is that Melanie remembers everything & we do meanEVERYTHING! Big Kisses to Miss Melanie.

Dishing-pic1Mark & Carrie’s Nephew/ Niece of the WeekHayleigh Perdue 

Hayleigh is our niece of the week and she is as nice as she appears. She fights for her uncle’s rights and speaks her piece when confronted. Hayleigh is very emotional and very loving and always a treat to be around!  Hayleigh truly loves animals, and she may our next Veterinarian niece. She will be heading back to the Marine base in California welcoming home our nephew who is in presently in Afghanistan.


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