Niece of the Week: Kelly Stewart

We are all so EXCITED that Kelly has joined the team at Hamburger Mary’s GaYBOR! Kelly won over the hearts of many while she was at the Row Boat & R.Bar in Ybor. Stop by today and say hi.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

One hot Saturday night, there was a group of teenagers up to no good in Centro Ybor. The mischievous group approached the wrong grandmother there. They aggressively asked her for money. After repeatedly saying NO, the grandmother had enough of this nonsense. She calmly reached into her huge purse and pulled out…a can of bear mace.

She then proceeded to mace them all aggressively in the face. The kids ran to the local convenience store and started to pour milk into their eyes, making quite the commotion. The police came and arrested all of them. We guess they will not mess with a grandmother again!

Sushi Em-Battled

Congratulations to The Ritz Ybor and Big City Events. The Sushi Battle was over the top FUN! Twelve local sushi restaurants battled it out for the title.  The judges’ choice winner was Pisces Sushi and Global Bistro. The people’s choice winner was Rain Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar.

The place was packed with reverent sushi eaters! Old and young, the night was all about great eye candy, sushi, and everything in between. There were over a dozen sake distributors in the front bar areas giving out samplings. They were all delicious. Who would think of a watermelon/citrus sake?

The variety of music components that entertained the group was addictive. We are looking forward to next year!

Today’s Gay Bars

Recently there has been talk that gay bars are now a thing of the past!  With acceptance into everyday bars, the gay bars will all soon be gone. We have a question….are members of the U.S. military welcomed in every mainstream bar and club in the U.S.? Of course the answer is YES. So why, then, in every town are there “VFWs” and “American Legions”?

People with similar things in common like to stick together for many reasons. When our vets want to fundraise for their cause, the first place they go is to their clubs. When the LGBT community wants to fundraise, it’s the LGBT clubs they go to first. There will always be gay bars in America. Just sayin’.

Another GLBT Breakthrough: Brevard County’s First Pride Parade

In event planning, it takes a commitment to achieve the goal. The first Space Coast Pride Parade in Melbourne had president Lexi Wright going in all directions. Her group of more than a dozen exceeded her dreams.

Dish-3040_copyThe Gay Pride Parade included the following grand marshals: gay former U.S. Congressman Barney Frank; co-counsel to Florida’s marriage equality lawsuit, attorney Mary Meeks; her partner and award-winning documentary filmmaker Vicki Nantz; and United States Alliance shuttle engineer, Sabrina Taraboletti, a transgender woman who testified about discrimination before the U.S. Congress. The day-long event had thousands attending and taking in entertainment on two stages in the Eau Gallie Arts District. The previous Friday night had a kick-off VIP reception at the beach bar and restaurant. At the event a handful of protesters were marching along side the streets. The next day, the parade was covered by a lot of the Orlando media.

After the parade was over and the festival was slowing down, Barney Frank came over to the Tampa Pride booth, sat down, and had a few refreshments. He was greeted by hundreds of festival attendees.