grammys_ban_2Most gay men would probably tell you that the Oscars are the gayest awards show. However, this year that may not be the case and the Oscars will be hard pressed to out gay the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. As if Beyonce kicking the show off, Neil Patrick Harris introducing a performance, an In Memoriam remembrance of the late bi-sexual Lou Reed, and a “Bing” ad that included Edie Windsor and the rainbow flag, the Grammy’s had to go and take Marriage Equality to a whole new level.

1621972_10203016109229535_1021762380_nWhen Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, who won the first award of the night for “Best New Artist,” 1495437_10203016114389664_1580345519_ntook the stage with lesbian singer/songwriter Mary Lambert to sing their now famous LGBT anthem “Same Love” it was bound to be a performance that would go down in history because Queen Latifah was slated to perform along with Madonna. What no one expected was that Queen Latifah would have a trick or 33 up her sleeve. In the middle of the song, on stage, in front of tens of thousands of people at LA’s Staple center and a TV audience in the millions, she married 33 couples which included many LGBT couples. As she pronounced them legally married, Madonna strutted on stage in a pimped out white tuxedo and a cane and started singing her smash hit “Open your heart.” It was truly a moment that had many in the audience (and yours truly) on their feet and in tears.


995856_10203015673538643_88603102_nOther memorable performances from the evening included Taylor Swift who sang solo and accompanied herself on the piano. As I stated to a good friend that night, call me a 15 year old girl if you want to, but I love Taylor Swift.

996116_10203016116029705_1715664243_nHowever, besides the performance by Macklemore, Madonna and Queen Latifah, the performance of the night surely goes to P!nk who returned to her high flying hijinks and did half of her performance suspended high about the audience (with no net). Her body is AMAZING and she didn’t miss a beat. She dropped down from the ropes she had been suspended from into the arms of an Adonis who gave a gift to gay men and ladies the world over by keeping his shirt off the entire time he was on stage! He should definitely get Joan River’s best-dressed award. If not, I am going to boycott her show and the E! Network for the rest of my life.

8205_10203016032027605_70221589_nWe would like to extend our thanks to Gary Santis of The Manor for providing us with these great photos from The Grammys! Gary is pictured about with International Superstar Gloria Estefan. G