Whether it’s your first time decorating in general, or you’re a seasoned veteran changing things up in your home on a whim, it never hurts to hear some tips and secrets from people who know a thing or two about making a home look chic and cute. Three well-regarded businesspeople talked to Hotspots and revealed what they would tell people who are interested in redesigning their humble abodes.

Kamila Izmaylova Marrero
Bath Trends

design_kamilaThree locations in South Florida: Doral, North Miami Beach and Wilton Manors.
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Before you begin your renovation, first and foremost write down a few questions for yourself, and try to stick to your original plan. One important question: is this property going to be a place that I want to sell in the near future? Or is it my home? If your answer is yes to selling, please stick with light colors on tiles and anything that will be permanent, like wall units and cabinets. Light colors appeal to almost anyone.

Another important factor is: what’s my budget? If your budget allows, please try to remove any extra walls that are not structural. Because everyone loves open spaces! Do not rush and always try to make space function well.

Keep in mind, colors can make spaces seem big, small, warm or cold, so plan well. If your space design_kam_2happens to be facing the sunny side and causes significant heat all day, paint it with fresh light colors, like cool whites, light grays or even blues. Do not be afraid of colors. Have fun!

Next comes materials, such as woods, stone, and metals. All of these natural elements have an important relation to each other. Too much of anything is no good, so have a good balance when it comes to materials. You can add more life by mixing. For example, concrete and warm wood, leather furniture and glass tables mix well. When you go shopping for material, make sure it not only feels good to the touch, but also choose durable, something you won’t get tired of in five years. Please, whatever you purchase, make sure it’s easy to maintain and clean.

Brian Schlosser
NV Design

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Here are five design tips to make your project NV’d!

design_nvOne, paint color, don’t be afraid of it. This can make a “blah” room into a NV’d room. It’s just paint, you can always change it. Color adds life to a room. Two, texture and pattern are vital to design. If you’re into fashion, use it as a guideline for your selections. Remember that an Oscar dress is usually a single color with a hint of glam, as should the formal areas of a house. For common areas, like a family room, kitchen, or lanai, use pattern and texture to bring an inviting, relaxed feel to the area.

Three, lighting is essential. It adds drama to the room from a simple pendant to a stunning crystal chandelier. Don’t be scared to place it everywhere. For example, put an uplight behind a plant or piece of furniture. They’re cheap and add a pop to the room.

Four is style. Know your style! Remember this when making decisions on furnishings. In today’s design_nv_2high end designs, you will see a melting pot of styles. For example, mixing modern and vintage styles is very HOT! We call it MODAGE! Five, be decisive. This is the most important. Once you make a decision on the design, follow it through. There are way too many options for the design novice. Don’t listen to your BFF; trust your gut. It’s normally right.

Lastly, your first choice is normally the best choice. So don’t overthink it and enjoy the process; it can make your design project NV’d!

Larry Coukis
Earth Elements Tile

Fort Lauderdale
(954) 990-8017

design_larryThe task of remodeling can be overwhelming. Redesigning any home is challenging.

It’s always important to look for a good starting point. If you are unsure when you’re starting a remodel or building a new home, the first thing to ask yourself is “What is the style or feeling I want?”

If you are without a clue, go through the trade and design magazines and tear out the photos or ads that appeal to you design_larry_2most. After a short while you will see a pattern of what you like and a direction you want to go with. Another great place to start is There you can scroll through some inspiring projects and create your own “Ideabook” that you can then share with your designer, contractor or builder. This will help to get your thoughts and both your likes and dislikes together.

design_larry_3Secondly, because the floor is one of the largest investments, choose it carefully. With some of the great advances in HD technology, you can have a floor that is almost impervious to wear and looks like real stone or wood, with no maintenance. Wonderful.

When choosing bathroom tiles or your kitchen backsplash, the possibilities are endless. From glass or stone mosaics as an entire wall, to large format glass or dimensional concrete or stone, mixing the different elements that complement each other make it both exciting and playful.