Liquid Tampa (1502 E. 7th Ave., Tampa) is celebrating an important milestone very soon; Saturday, April 12 will mark the establishment’s second anniversary. As with any anniversary, a party is standard. The night’s festivities are promising to be anything but standard, however, asliquid_4 Shangela, the Debutantess of the Deep South and RuPaul’s Drag Race season two and three contestant, comes to town to make sure this is a night nobody in GaYBOR forgets.

The night will be hosted by Liquid’s house diva, Conundrum, and many special surprise guests are promised. In addition, four different DJs are bringing their sounds and their beats and putting them all on blast for your enjoyment. DJ Mike El Bori will start off the night, followed by Greg Anderson, Power Infiniti and Saeed Naz. The party starts at 9 p.m. and there is no cover before 10. If you arrive after 10, cover is $5.

To participate in a meet and greet with Shangela, you must have tickets in advance; you can buy liquid_shangelayour tickets via eventbrite at If you’re interested in VIP seating or bottle service, you can inquire about pricing by contacting the club directly at

Liquid Tampa co-owner Michael Mikula was nice enough to grant Hotspots an exclusive interview; he talked with me about the club’s growth, success, and future.

Have the past two years exceeded your expectations?

Yes. I am amazed at how much and how quickly Liquid Tampa has grown! We set out to entertain our patrons and they responded by making Liquid Tampa one of the hottest clubs in Tampa. It takes a lot of work from the Liquid team. We couldn’t do it without our promotions manager Chhoy, our entertainment director Power Infiniti, all the entertainers, and our staff. Liquid is a family and that’s what makes it work.

Your bar is well-known for booking many RuPaul’s Drag Race favorites. Did you feel this was a niche that needed to be filled in the Tampa Bay area?

When Liquid Tampa opened we wanted to provide unique entertainment each and every Saturday. We have a great team that puts all our events together each week; they work hard to bring entertainers in that our customers want to see. In the beginning we booked a few of the girls and now we get requests for the girls all the time! We offer a different type of venue where they can perform with no restrictions: the crazier, the better. That’s made Liquid popular with the RuPaul girls as well.

Tell us about your show cast and your DJs.  

The one thing we do at Liquid Tampa is plan our nights so each night you come to Liquid you get a different experience.

XXX Tuesdays is our dancer night, DJ Greg Anderson spins harder New York-style beats. The floor is filled with our hot Men of Liquid for your viewing pleasure. For Rewind Wednesdays, DJ Greg Anderson spins all-request music videos from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Frat House Thursdays features DJ Mike El Bori spinning a mix of hip hop and dance. Our show cast that night consists of Sashay Infiniti, Nae Nae Dominatrix, and Miah Van Cartier.

Candela Fridays is the hottest LGBT Latin night in tampa! DJ Mike El Bori spins salsa, bachata, liquid_8merengue and more. with two shows hosted by Colorina, Lady Janet, and Amanda D’rhod. Saturdays is when we have the RuPaul girls, our hot Men of Liquid, DJ Greg Anderson and DJ Power Infiniti. Loverboy Sundays is a great way to finish off the week. We open at 3 p.m. and DJ Greg Anderson starts spinning at 5 p.m. with all-request music all night, then DJ Saeed Naz spins underground beats, with hot spots featurting Nicky Monet and Avalon Infiniti.

What do you have planned for your anniversary party?

Our anniversary is going to be hot! We are going to feature all four of our house DJs as well as a special production starring Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race and the hot Men of Liquid! It will be a night full of entertainment.

For people who haven’t been able to visit Liquid yet, what would you say to them to entice them to check it out?

I think the best part about Liquid Tampa for me is the customers. Its not “clique-y.” Everyone parties together. We get compliments all the time from visitors that the customers and staff at Liquid are so friendly and that they made new friends!

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