On Wednesday, April 9, members of Florida’s culinary elite gathered at the 50th floor rooftop lounge at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami for a special invite-only event organized by Diageo Chateau and Estate Wines of Napa, California. This event, the 2014 Swirlwind Wine Tour of Wines, is on tour right now and Miami is their latest stop.

The guests at the Swirlwind Wine Tour of Wines were invited to partake in the wines offered by the winemakers of Diageo Chateau and Estate. Selections were available from the following wineries: Acacia, Almaviva, Domaine Auvigue, Beaulieu Vineyard, Campo Alegre, Campo Eliseo, Chalone Vineyard, Hewitt Vineyard, Chateau Minuty, Navarro Correas, Orogeny, Provenance Vineyards, Rosenblum Cellars, and Sterling Vineyards. These vineyards are located all over the world, ranging from California to Europe and South America.

Each winery is well-known for a specific variety of wine. For example, the Rosenblum Cellars wine_21near San Francisco are renowned for their varieties of zinfandel. The Sterling Vineyards were the first winery in the Napa Valley to devote portions of their fields to “international styles” and “Bordeaux styles” of Merlot. Beaulieu Vineyard, one of the few California wineries to thrive even during Prohibition, has earned top marks at worldwide wine tastings for its cabernet sauvignon.

Hotspots publisher Peter Clark and his partner were invited to this event and they were very impressed with the overall experience. They experienced the numerous wines alongside a veritable “who’s who” of the Miami culinary scene. One thing they noted, and liked very much, was the impressive display that allowed people to see, feel and smell the flavors that go into providing the unique palates and bouquets that are unique to the Diageo family of wines. From natural fruits and exotic berries, to sumptuous woods and even chocolate and caramel, many different flavor notes provide many distinctive wine-tasting experiences. The display provided visual and tactile components to an already-useful verbal description of the wines on offer.

I think it’s safe to say that the 2014 Swirlwind Wine Tour of Wines was a smashing success!