It has been about three years since I last sat down with Dr. Max, and we realized we had so much in common! We are both from Brooklyn, we got our post-college degrees from the same university, and we are still looking for that special someone. Since our original interview, Dr. Max’s practice has grown a lot…thanks in part to the Hotspots community.

Where did you go to school?

I actually went to three universities. I started my career at Auburn University, then finished up my chemistry degree in Tampa at the University of South Florida. I then completed my Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree in 2004 from Nova Southeastern University.

Tell me about your staff.

Since the last time we spoke, the office has expanded considerably. I owe a lot of that to max_4Hotspots and the community that I am so very grateful for. My office manager Maria has been with me since the beginning. When we began in 2009, she was my assistant, my right hand, and dare I say my “work wife.” She was able to see my vision so as I grew, she too grew with the office. My hygienist Joanne has also been with me from the start. She, hands down, gives the best cleaning you will ever have in your life. I have been blessed in that she may have been with me in my office for the last five years, but I actually started with her 10 years ago in another office. We had always kept in touch, and when I started back here in Fort Lauderdale from Fort Myers, she was the first one I called. Ashley is currently my primary assistant and has been with me for two years. Recently, I added a second assistant, Carolyn, who is just a crackerjack at making some beautiful temps when we do our full mouth rehab and cosmetic cases.

Tell us about after school…do you take continuing education?

By law I am required to do 16 hours of continuing education a year, but I do, at minimum, 200 hours. I like to be at the crest of dental advancements. Little things that patients may not realize are consistently being updated to make the office run better, and give better patient satisfaction.

How long have you been practicing, and how long have you been in this practice?

I have been practicing since 2004 in various locations until deciding to make the jump into purchasing my own office. I had been between Fort Myers and Deerfield Beach, until deciding it was time for me to embark on my own journey in the field. February 18th marked the five year anniversary of purchasing this office. We celebrated as only our office knows how — I had my staff pick the place to go eat and we had a great lunch decompressing and talking about how far we have come since day one.

What is new in YOUR office?

Patient accessibility! Between social media and text messaging we have a much more interactive communication with our patients 24 hours a day. We are on Instagram (maxtooth), Facebook, and Twitter. Between that and our website, we can treat emergencies quicker, and schedule them way more effectively. Even confirming our patients has changed. We teamed up with a company that sends out text messages that you can reply to in order to confirm your next day appointment. You may not be able to pick up the phone because you are at work, but a quick text can let us know we will see you tomorrow!

Do you take insurance?

We accept all primary dental insurances. If someone doesn’t have insurance (or even if they do), we offer financing/payment plans. We also offer our Hotspots new patient special.

Check out the office website if you have any questions at

What distinguishes your practice from others?

We don’t treat your insurance in my office, we treat the patient. At the end of the day, what I do is hands-on. You cannot outsource good quality work, and if you try to save on healthcare, dentistry and parachutes….unfortunately you will get what you pay for. I truly enjoy what I do, and we always strive to be as comprehensive as possible. It’s not just teeth, there is a health component to what we do. We take a proactive stance rather than a reactive one. Dental decay and periodontal/gum disease is a true bacteria infection. We work daily to educate our patients that the mouth is the gateway for health to the rest of the body. Various health issues, from cancer to diabetes may be detected via the mouth.

What are your office hours?

We are open Tuesday through Thursday from 8 to 5; Friday from 8 to 2 and Saturday from 8 to 12.

Dr. Max’s office is located at 6451 North Federal Highway, Suite #129 in Fort Lauderdale. For more information feel free to call his office at (954) 491-3544.