Nephew of the Week: Alexis De La Mer dishing_1

Originally from New York, Alexis now calls Tampa Bay her home. You may catch her act every Thursday night at The Social In GaYBOR. She has hundreds of crazy fans, but a little bird told us that…Jack B. is her favorite!


You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

It was the early 1980s. The gay bars and many others were under the control of the local Tampa mob. If you didn’t do things and pay the mobs, there were actions taken. With all that said, a friend of ours, Rodney, was having an age crisis. He was turning 30 years old! Oh my! One Monday night at the Firehouse Pub on Florida Avenue and Busch Boulevard, we had a party for him. The small corner bar was close in proximity to USF and just had that fun relaxed feel when you went there. That night we talked Rodney into dancing on the counter one last time as a male dancer. It was so much fun! We all tipped him and told him how great he looked.

There was talk that night that the club owner was not playing by the rules of the mobs. Two months later the owner of the bar was found in his car behind the club, shot dead. The following year Rodney died of AIDS. Times were so different 30 years ago in Tampa.


Our Sister Linda 

If you’re lucky, your family has a sister like our Linda. This week she called us and went on and on about how we make tater tot casserole. If you are from the Midwest you grew up on this traditional dish. Then just before she hung up, Linda said, “Now that I have tater tots stuck in your head, I’m sure you will make it this week!” She laughed and then hung up! Of course, we had to stop at the grocery store and pick everything up to make it tonight! LOL LOL

Here is Mark’s simple tater tot recipe…

Brown 1 lb ground beef with a cut-up onion. Drain off the fat, then mix in one can of cream of mushroom soup, salt and pepper, 1 tbsp. catchup, 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce (and optional peas, carrots, celery, mushrooms) Then, pour into a glass baking dish. Cover meat mixture with three cups frozen tater tots neatly lined up in rows. Sprinkle paprika seasoning on top. Bake at 425 degrees for 25 minutes.  Delicious!


GaYBOR Meeting Updates

There was a large turnout at the GaYBOR District Coalition’s monthly meeting, held at Hilton Garden Inn. “We are moving in the right direction,” said GaYBOR President Michael ‘Sheriff’ Wilson to the packed crowd. The president of HCC Ybor, Sean Robinson; Ybor City Chamber of Commerce former president John Trujillo; Gulfport Chamber vice-president Lori; BB&T Manager David Alvarez and dozens of other leaders were all at the monthly business meeting.

First thing on the agenda is a new Tampa Pride, coming in March 2015! Go to Tampa Pride and press “like” on Facebook. Spread the great news! The packed and standing room-only meeting had two candidates share their platforms. Pat Kemp, candidate running for Hillsborough County Commission Countywide District 7; and Sean Shaw, candidate for Florida House District 61. The Florida state primary election is August 26. Both candidates have GLBT issues up front in their campaign presentations.

A big push is going on to support East Tampa Business and Civic Association’s annual Back Pack for Kids Campaign. GaYBOR is taking a positive step in the community by helping to secure hundreds of backpacks for elementary school children going back to school next month.


MC FILM Specials!

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