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Orlando pharmacy works for you — on your schedule

Orlando-based Priority Health Rx is your normal pharmacy but it’s also so much more. First off, anyone in the state of Florida needing a prescription filled can come to Priority Health Rx and get what they came for. Yes, anyone in Florida. The days of walking to the pharmacy and waiting in line are over (although if you live locally, you do have that option).

By calling a telephone number, customers are set up with a pharmacist who will verify their prescription, and then they’ll tell the customer how they can get their prescription the fastest and cheapest way. Direct mailing is a popular option; all prescriptions are sent in nondescript packaging to protect the privacy of the customer. The pharmacists also work directly with the insurance companies with one goal in mind: to save you the most money.

toyourhealth_3 copyI sat down with Priority Health Rx CEO Mark Brown and he let us know all the details about this unique business model and how it works for the many Floridians who need their everyday prescriptions filled on a regular basis.

Explain to us what’s unique about Priority Health Rx.

We are considered a specialty retail pharmacy that has extensive experience in finding patient assistance plans that can assist in lowering out of pocket expense for our patients.  We provide assistance in prior authorization for specialty medications that assists in getting medications approved by insurance plans in a timely manner. We provide a discrete delivery service for our patients to cater to their needs without having to wait in a line in a “retail” pharmacy setting.

How quick can someone get their routine prescriptions filled?

We keep all specialty medications in stock and are able to deliver the same day.  No waiting in line and no upfront payments are necessary.

One thing I’ve heard about you is that you customize each patient’s experience. What does that entail exactly?  

We treat all of our patients as individuals and make sure we have a customized approach for each individual.  From our Pharmacist speaking with the patient about their specific medications and how they may interact with other medications to the most convenient delivery and payment method possible we provide a patient specific experience.

Where did you pursue higher education? 

I attended the University of Central Florida for both my Bachelor in Science in Business as well as my MBA from UCF.  I’ve lived all my life in the Central Florida community.

What are some of the biggest questions your pharmacists get from new customers and how do they alleviate their concerns?  

Joe Comito is our pharmacist and he’ll answer this question: “The most common questions I get are regarding options to lower the patients co-payment.  We spend a lot of time reviewing the options available including but not limited to: Generic equivalents, patient assistance plans, co-pay cards as well as prior authorization documentation to get medications approved by insurance plans.  All this takes a great deal of time but it is rewarding to assist in getting our patients out of pocket expense lowered thus allowing patients access to medications to maintain adherence to their prescribed medicine.”

Where are you located?  

We are located at 1215 E. Livingston Street, Suite A, Orlando, right next door to the Downtown YMCA.

Is there a hotline where people can call to refill their prescriptions? 

toyourhealth_2 copyThe phone number (855) 652-2163 is monitored by a pharmacist 24/7.

For more information on Priority Health Rx and how their pharmacists can work for you, you can call the aforementioned toll-free hotline, or you can e-mail questions to To make Priority Health Rx your pharmacy, you can enroll with them online by visiting