Fall TV Preview

One of my favorite times of year is the new fall TV season. Ever since 2009, I’ve predicted which shows will make it and which shows won’t. I’ve found that more than half of my picks see second season orders, so I feel confident in pitching these series to you and asking you to give them a shot. Who knows, you might find yourself addicted to 2014’s newest hit! Here are 16 shows to watch out for starting the week of September 15.

Hotspots Fall TV Preview: The Mysteries of LauraThe Mysteries of Laura

Debra Messing (Will & Grace, The Starter Wife) returns to television in the role of Laura Diamond, a homicide detective working for the NYPD. She has trouble juggling her demanding career, where her ex-husband has recently become her co-worker, with raising their rambunctious grade-schooler twin boys. Premieres September 17 on NBC.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: The Red Band SocietyRed Band Society

A group of tweens and teenagers deal with the common angst associated with growing up. At the same time, they are struggling with medical problems in a hospital’s pediatric ward, where they all reside. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (The Help) shines in a nurturing role as the pediatric wing’s nurse. Premieres September 17 on FOX.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview:  Madam SecretaryMadam Secretary

Téa Leoni plays a woman who was plucked from private life to become one of the most powerful women in the world: Secretary of State of the United States. Her unorthodox work practices surprise her co-workers in a world where procedure and bureaucracy are king. Premieres September 21 on CBS.’


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: GothamGotham

Ben McKenzie (The O.C., Southland) stars as Commissioner James Gordon, in this mysteriously spooky prequel to the Batman films. This series profiles Gordon and his rise to power in Gotham City in the years subsequent to Batman’s first appearance. Premieres September 22 on FOX.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: ForeverForever

How would you like to learn the secret of immortality? Dr. Henry Morgan (played by Ioan Gruffudd) wants to know the same secret; that’s why he works as a medical examiner. His work partner is impressed with his observation skills but is unaware of his big secret — that he’s honed them over many lifetimes. Premieres September 23 on ABC.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: How to Get Away with MurderHow to Get Away with Murder

Shonda Rhimes brings another exciting suspense drama to her home network, ABC. Professor Annalise Keating (Oscar nominee Viola Davis) teaches an intriguing criminology course. Her personal life will cross paths with those of four of her students, and she will have to ensure that her students apply her lessons to real life. Premieres September 25 on ABC.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: Manhattan Love StoryManhattan Love Story

Analeigh Tipton (America’s Next Top Model, Crazy, Stupid Love) and Jake McDorman (Greek, Shameless) star as a couple just entering a relationship, and we as an audience are privy to all the inner dialogue that two recently coupled people go through when starting a fun new journey. Premieres September 30 on ABC.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: StalkerStalker

Maggie Q (Nikita) and Dylan McDermott (The Practice, Hostages) star in a new Kevin Williamson vehicle revolving around the Threat Assessment Unit of the LAPD as they investigate stalking crimes, such as unnatural romantic fixations and video voyeurism. Premieres October 1 on CBS.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview:  Bad JudgeBad Judge

Will Ferrell produces this funny new series for television. Los Angeles County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh, Private Practice) has a reputation for being irreverent and sometimes downright reckless at work and at home. An eight-year-old boy might be the only one who will get her to fly right. Premieres October 2 on NBC.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: The FlashThe Flash

DC Comics spins off one of their most famous characters into its own TV series, which will exist in the same universe as the hit show Arrow. Barry Allen, a man trying to clear his father’s name after he is accused of murdering his mother, develops superhuman powers after being struck by lightning. Premieres October 7 on The CW.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: AHS FreakshowAmerican Horror Story: Freak Show

One of cable’s most popular shows comes back with an entirely new anthology, set in Jupiter, Florida in 1952. A traveling “freak show” struggles against the “evil forces” that don’t understand them and try to shut them down. The group will stay open for business at all costs. Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett all return. Premieres October 8 on FX.


Mexican-American comedienne Cristela Alonzo creates and stars in this new comedy, revolving around a law school graduate who still lives at home while biding her time and slowly moving up the ladder interning at a law firm. Her sister and mother share their opinions on Cristela’s life whenever they get the chance. Premieres October 10 on ABC.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview:  The AffairThe Affair

A teacher who spends time with his wife and his in-laws at their summer home in the Hamptons meets a waitress at a diner. They end up having a passionate affair, and the subsequent emotional and psychological fallout impacts more than just the two of them. Premieres October 12 on Showtime.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: Marry MeMarry Me

If you’re a fan of the recently canceled Happy Endings, you’ll like this show, created by David Caspe and starring former Happy Endings star Casey Wilson. Wilson and Ken Marino portray a couple who have been together for six years, but never manage to get the wedding proposal quite right — so they wait until they can execute it perfectly. Premieres October 14 on NBC.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview:  ConstantineConstantine

A con man who traffics in mysterious dark magic is forced to become a detective as he feels like he has to save the world from a looming supernatural threat. An angel watching over him communicates with him from time to time by occupying other people’s bodies. Based on the DC Comics series Hellblazer. Premieres October 24 on NBC.


Hotspots Fall TV Preview: The McCarthysThe McCarthys

Tyler Ritter stars as a gay man, Ronny McCarthy, who passes up the chance of a lifetime in order to move back home to Boston and work with his father coaching a basketball team. His siblings, who are much more athletically inclined than Ronny, are not happy with the decision, but his mother (Laurie Metcalf, Roseanne, Norm) is quite pleased. Premieres October 30 on CBS.

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