Pet Edition: Popular Pet Gifts!


Many of us spoil our pets rotten. After all, they’re cute, and they deserve all the attention that’s given to them. But what do you buy a pet who already has everything? Here are some suggestions based on the customer favorites list compiled by Will Christmas come early for your pet? I sure hope it does after you read this article!

Gifts for Dogs

feature_Pet-Gifts_wee-padsWee Wee Pads – It can be difficult training your pups to relieve themselves outside. Four Paws saves the day with Wee Wee Pads. Instead of dealing with wet spots on your floors and stains on your carpets, you will be a lot happier knowing there’s just one step from Wee Wee Pads to housebroken puppies. ($40.74 for 150 ct. box)


feature_Pet-Gifts_pet-cotPet Cot – Your dog will love their new bed! It’s made of waterproof mesh, which will keep baby cool and dry. The rubber bedposts ensure that your dog will be able to get on and off the bed with ease and without injury. ($29.99)




Bucket Booster Pet Seat – Does your dog love to ride in the car with you? Sounds like they need a seat of their own! K & H Manufacturing is here to the rescue. The booster seat puts your dog higher up so they can view everything going on. The seat is quilted and cushioned for puppy’s comfort. Made for one medium-sized dog or two small dogs. ($84.86)


feature_Pet-Gifts_penguinPeabody the Penguin – Every active dog loves a squeak toy, and Peabody the Penguin by Tuffy is ready to play! Peabody is made out of the strongest material, meant to withstand lots of chewing and “ruff” play! Peabody is machine washable, and he floats, perfect for puppy’s bathtub and pool play too. ($16.99)


feature_Pet-Gifts_doggie-doorDog Door – Let your pup come and go as he pleases with this four-way dog door. There are four access options available: in and out, only in, only out, and locked door. The flap is made of durable polymer. This door is recommended for smaller pets under the height of fourteen inches. ($21.68)



feature_Pet-Gifts_dishMilano Bowl – Nothing says “spoiled pet” like…well, this dog dish that says “spoiled” on it! The leopard print design is eye-catching and fetching. The rubber base and anti-tip design ensures owners they don’t have to clean up messes! The bowl is dishwasher safe and bacteria-resistant. ($4.69)


Gifts for Cats

feature_Pet-Gifts_dome-chairTree Dome Bed – With a mod dome design and a steel frame base, even the biggest and jolliest of cats will find this bed appealing and comfortable. The dome is made of water hyacinth wood and includes a cushion with a removable cover for washing. ($49.99)


feature_Pet-Gifts_cat-shelvesCat Clouds Shelves – Cats love to climb, even where they’re not supposed to. So build them a place where it’s safe to climb, right on your walls! These cat shelves are covered in faux sheepskin, and metal platforms attach to magnets to keep the shelves secure on your wall. Installs easy on drywall. ($99.99)


feature_Pet-Gifts_cat-condoHangin’ Cat Condo – Here’s another gift for the cat that loves to climb. This cat condo secures to any door and features five levels for kitty to stand on and seven different holes for viewing and snooping. Corrugated plastic flooring keeps your pet secure and out of risk for falling while inside. ($124.99)


feature_Pet-Gifts_scratch-postKitty Slide n’ Scratch – Cats will  love to sharpen their claws on this scratching post, which has been treated with catnip and will be irresistible to your feline. After your cat is done scratching, it’s playtime on the curvy slide! The bottom of the slide doubles as a nap spot. ($52.47)


feature_Pet-Gifts_fountainWater Fountain – This fountain by Drinkwell holds 100 ounces of water and entices your cat to drink by dispensing water in a stream fashion (it also keeps the water supply oxygenated). The built-in charcoal filter purifies the water for your cat, stripping it of any odors or bad tastes. ($45.42)


feature_Pet-Gifts_litter-domeClean Step Litter Dome – Whether your cat is small or large, this litter box by Petmate offers more than enough room. The dome confines the kitty litter so it doesn’t make a mess on your carpet, and the dome is also retractable, for your ease while you’re cleaning. ($32.12)


All of the items seen here are available for purchase at For ordering and customer service, call (888) 842-8738.